The 2020 Hokkaido B&G Instructors' Workshop was held in Hokuryu Town.

Monday, September 28, 2020

The "2020 Hokkaido B&G Instructors' Workshop" was held in Hokuryu Town on Thursday, September 24 and Friday, September 25, sponsored by the Blue Sea and Greenland Foundation.

2020 Hokkaido B&G Instructors' Workshop
FY2020 Hokkaido B&G Instructors' Workshop and Materials

Overview of B&G Instructor Training Sessions


The purpose of the B&G Instructors' Workshop is to provide training for instructors of B&G regional marine centers and marine clubs in Hokkaido to improve their instructional skills and management and operation, and to promote the sound development of youth and spread sports and recreation activities in their respective regions.

Organizer: Hokkaido B&G Regional Marine Center Liaison Council
Co-sponsored by B&G National Leadership Association
Main Administrator: Hokuryu Town B&G Ocean Center
Supported by: Blue Sea and Greenland Foundation, Hokuryu Town Board of Education
Venue: Hokuryu-cho Community Center
Target: B&G instructors and marine center personnel in Hokkaido


Over 30 B&G instructors from various parts of Hokkaido participated in the training on the first day, with environmental education facilitator Hisashi Futasugi as the instructor on "Experiencing and Using Rec Games.

On the second day, the B&G Hokkaido Block Liaison Council Exchange Conference was held.

B&G Instructors' Workshop

The event started with a plenary session moderated by Mr. Junichi Iguchi, Manager of the Hokuryu Town Board of Education.

Junichi Iguchi, Manager, Hokuryu Town Board of Education

Welcome remarks from Mr. Kazushi Arima, Superintendent of Education, Hokuryu Town Board of Education

Prior to the opening, Mr. Kazushi Arima, Superintendent of the Hokuryu Town Board of Education, gave a welcome speech.

北竜町教育委員会 有馬一志教育長
Hokuryu Town Board of Education Kazushi Arima, Superintendent of Education

We sincerely welcome your participation.

I would like to introduce the town of Hokuryu. Hokuryu-cho is a very small town with a population of less than 1,800. The town has an area of 158.8 km². 70% of the area is mountains and forests, and 30% is flat land. Rice paddies cover 70% of the flat land. It is an agricultural town with rice as its main industry.

Rice produced in Hokuryu-cho is distributed under the brand name "Himawari Rice. One of the greatest features of our rice is that while 22 pesticides are usually required to grow rice in Hokkaido, our rice uses only half that amount (11 pesticides).

In addition, the "Kitakurin" rice is produced using only four types of pesticides, making it a very clean rice production area.

The climate in this area, as well as in Chichibubetsu Town and Numata Town, is suitable for rice in Hokkaido, and very tasty rice can be grown. Among them, Hokuryu-cho produces safe and secure rice.

We hope that those staying at the hotel will enjoy the hotel's breakfast rice.

The other is the town of sunflowers. Located next to the B&G Ocean Center, the town hosts a one-month festival from mid-July to mid-August that attracts more than 350,000 visitors from all over Japan and the world.

This year, we did not sow at the Corona Disaster, and our customers were very disappointed. It was very heartbreaking to see visitors who did not know that the Sunflower Festival was cancelled, heading to the Sunflower Village through the B&G Center. We are planning to hold the festival next year, and we hope that you and your family will visit us once.

As the story goes, I went to the B&G Ocean Center in Okinawa Prefecture in 1988 for a month-long training course. Instructors in municipalities with gymnasiums received three months of training, while those with only swimming pools received one month of training to become certified as special trainers.

I have been participating in training sessions for the past three years, as have many of you. We have received studies in three towns: Shinshinotsu-mura, Aibetsu-cho, and Enbetsu-cho. The experience of these training sessions has become a pleasant memory of my three years of training.

With the Corona disaster, we cannot let our guard down, but we will be very careful to avoid any clusters from this meeting, and I sincerely hope that this training session and tomorrow's exchange meeting will be meaningful," said Mr. Arima, Chairman of the Board of Education, in his polite welcome address.

Participating leaders

Introduction of Hokuryu Town Board of Education Staff

Next, I would like to introduce the members of Hokuryu Town, the lead town. They are Naoki Kishi (lead manager), Kunimitsu Abe (lead manager), and Riki Shimizuno (lead manager).

北竜町教育委員会:左より 岸直樹(主事)さん、阿部久仁光(主事)さん、清水野梨希(主事)さん
Hokuryu Town Board of Education: From left: Naoki Kishi (chief), Kunimitsu Abe (chief), Riki Shimizuno (chief)

Hisashi Futasugi, Environmental Education Facilitator

Section Chief Iguchi introduced Mr. Hisashi Futasugi, Environmental Education Facilitator.

Purpose of the Workshop

This year is the second year of the three-year focus on "Practical Nature Experience Activities" for children in particular.

In conjunction with this, we have invited Mr. Hisashi Futasugi, an environmental education facilitator who helped us last year, to give a practical lecture on "nature experience activities.

We would like to introduce Mr. Futasugi's biography.
He is 51 years old, born in 1969, and currently resides in Otaru City. He works as a facility employee of Otaru Shizen Shizen no Mura Kosho (Otaru Nature Village Public Corporation).

They are not only accepting facility users, but also providing guidance and lecturing on methods for camps and recreational activities.

His qualifications include Camp Director Level 1, Kindergarten Teaching Level 2, and Nursery Teacher Certification. He is also a lecturer at the Nature Experience Activity Leaders Training Seminar, a part-time lecturer at Hokkaido University of Education Kushiro, and an instructor at the B&G Outdoor Body Program in Shakotan Town.

Then, Dr. Futasugi, I look forward to working with you," he introduced.

Mr. Hisashi Futasugi, Environmental Education Facilitator

Hokkaido block members

Outdoor training "Practical Nature Experience Activities"


...Counting fingers while counting from the folded thumb of the right hand.

Recreational game "Finger Folding

Everyone folds their fingers

The recreational game experience was moved to a new location, on the lawn next to the Improvement Center.


Raise one hand high in the air and the other hand on your chest, alternating with the call.


rock, paper, scissors game

Rock, paper, scissors and keep going until you get an icon.

rock, paper, scissors game


The winner is the first person to guess the total number of fingers of the hand that is raised by adding the number of fingers of the hand that is raised by playing rock-paper-scissors.



Clap your hands to the call of "Se-no", and when the signal is "Gather around! on the signal of "Gather!", gather as many friends as clapped hands and sit down.


rock, paper, scissors knee-slap

Sit in pairs, place your left hand on your partner's right thigh, play rock-paper-scissors, and if you win, slap your partner's hand; if you lose, pull your partner's hand back.

rock, paper, scissors knee-slap

knee touch

The winner is the first person to touch the opponent's right knee with his or her right hand, while facing each other, sitting on the ground, and moving the legs freely.

knee touch

peekaboo (baby game)

The pairs cover their faces with their hands, and then play "Peek-a-boo", with their faces to the right or left. When the faces meet on the same side three times, the game is over.

peekaboo (baby game)

game of tag with a clothespin

Play tag with a pair of clothespins in each hand, and don't run, but put the clothespins on other people.

game of tag with a clothespin

alias game

In a circle, when the leader points to someone and says "right," the person pointed to says the name of the person on the right. If the leader says "left," the person pointed to says the name of the person on the left.

alias game


In a circle, the leader says ZIP and points to someone. The person pointed to squats while saying ZAP. The person on each side says ZAP and puts out his or her hand toward the squatting person. If they make a mistake, they take turns.


changing handshakes

Sitting in a circle, the demons stand in front of someone, say each other's name, shake hands, and stand. Repeat the name and handshake.

changing handshakes

come together

The leader nominates someone to "come along" and the nominated person gets behind the leader. People on both sides raise their hands to make a house. When the leader says "bye-bye" and enters the house, the others run in to find an open house. The remaining people are the next leaders.

come together

Turn this way and hoi! rock, paper, scissors

The instructor says, "Turn around," and you jump two times and say, "Hoi! and then turn to the left or right. Only those who can face each other play rock-paper-scissors-scissors, and only the winner sits down.

Turn this way and hoi! rock, paper, scissors

Look Up Look Down

Look at your toes at the voice of look down, look up at the voice of look up, look up at one of them. If you see their eyes, run away.

Look Up Look Down

(product) line-up

Order by birth date

(product) line-up

electric mite

The pair stands in pairs. The person who escapes gets next to the pair, and the person on the other side who is attached to the pair takes the role of the escaping person and escapes.

electric mite

rock-paper-scissors game

Staff members are stationed in several places, and the order of starting and finishing is decided like in Sugoroku (a game of Sugoroku).

rock-paper-scissors game

playing tag

...A demon with a case of the flu is gurgling and chasing after you, clamping down on your mouth.

playing tag

flap (sound of something light and thin such as a fan moving through the air)

Tap the floor or table in a clockwise direction with your hand.

flap (sound of something light and thin such as a fan moving through the air)

Buckets ball

All members of the group grab the sheet and move it up and down while placing the ball into the bucket on top of the sheet.

Buckets ball

Straw body health

Two people hold a straw between each other's index fingers and move on.

Straw body health

While moving.

We practiced more than 20 different recreational games.

Ended! Thank you for your hard work!

Everyone played and learned in a serious and fun way.
After this, we moved to Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen for check-in. After a short rest, we had an exchange meeting and dinner.

On the following day, the B&G Hokkaido block liaison council exchange meeting was held.

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