Yasuhiro Sasaki, new town mayor, makes his first appearance at the town hall: "The value of the town hall is its people, its employees. Failure is okay, never give up," he said in his greeting.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

New Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki (age 68), who was elected for the first time in the February 4 (Sunday) mayoral election, made his first appearance at the Hokuryu Town Hall on February 22 (Thursday).

bouquet presentation

bouquet presentation

The students arrived in front of the entrance of the town hall at 8:45 a.m. amidst a flurry of snow, and were greeted with applause by all the staff members, who presented them with a bouquet of flowers.

Staff members greeted with applause

Yasuhiro Sasaki, New Mayor, Newly Appointed

After this, he moved to the floor of the assembly hall, where he delivered his inaugural address.

Inaugural address on the floor of the House!
ゆっくりと丁寧にお話される佐々木康宏 新町長
New Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki speaks slowly and carefully

I was able to win the election for Mayor of the Town of Hokuryu on Sunday, February 4. Today is my first day in office, so I would like to thank you all for welcoming me.

I believe that Mayor Sano spoke yesterday about the time he spent with all of you as he stepped down from his position. I have known Mayor Sano for 37 years. He is a person whom I respect very much and who has taught me many things. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude and respect for the achievements of former Mayor Sano.

I am delighted to be working with all of you today. Today, I am speaking to all of you face to face in this way. Although we are facing different directions, from tomorrow we hope to work in many different ways, facing the same direction.

During the election, I talked a lot about the happiness of the town's residents. These are the promises that I made to the citizens of the town, which should be called a public pledge. We cannot fulfill these promises without the cooperation of each and every one of our employees. We are considering various policies in the image that you will cooperate with us. Please, I would like to ask you all to work together with us.

The value of the town hall is the people, the employees.

We are going to do many things, and it is okay if we fail. It is okay if you fail. It is okay if you have many problems and feel like you are going to fail. I hope that we will never give up, and that we will work together to do various things together. You all have many possibilities for your talents. I hope that you will be able to show your talents in various places.

They are having a welcome party this evening, so I would like to talk with each of them and think about many things.

I would like to walk carefully one by one. We will never rush, so we would like to walk slowly with everyone in the same direction.

Today is the beginning. I look forward to working with you all today," said Mayor Sasaki in a calm tone as he slowly looked around at each and every one of his staff members.

Drawing the bright and shining future town of "Hokuryu-cho"!

The new administration of Hokuryu Town as envisioned by new Mayor Sasaki!

I express my infinite love, gratitude, and prayers for the future administration of Hokuryu Town, which will shine brightly by listening to the voices of the town's residents and working together with the town hall staff to face the same direction, resonate with each other, and cooperate with each other.

Youtube Video

Yasuhiro Sasaki, new Mayor, makes his first visit to the town hall, presents a bouquet of flowers, and makes an inaugural address.

Yasuhiro Sasaki, new mayor of Hokuryu Town, Hokkaido, Japan, gives his inaugural address (full video)

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