Sugar content test of "Himawari Watermelon," a specialty of Hokuryu Town, conducted; shipment from the agricultural cooperative on June 6 (Thu) and the first auction on June 7 (Fri) in Asahikawa and Sapporo decided!

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

On Tuesday, June 4, before 7:00 a.m., two Himawari watermelon growers inspected the sugar content of their ripening watermelons before the first shipment of the town's specialty, Himawari watermelon. The "Himawari Suika" is a yellow koi kodama watermelon.

Sugar content testing is used to determine the sugar content and ripeness values of watermelons and to determine when to ship them.

Sugar content test of "Himawari Watermelon," a specialty of Hokuryu Town

Akimitsu Takada, President, Himawari Suika Kumiai

I tried cutting "Himawari Suika" the day before yesterday, but I think it is taking a little longer to ripen because of the cold night. I felt that there was a lot of white flesh around the outside. We will cut them today, check the sugar content, and determine the shipping schedule," said Mr. Takada.

Sugar content test of Himawari Watermelon
Watermelon House at Takada Farm

(Sunflower Watermelon" by Takada Co.

Select matured watermelons from the house and weigh them. Carefully cut and squeeze the center of the watermelon, then drip the juice onto a sugar meter to measure.

Sugar content measured 12 degrees. It is sweeter than the average sugar content!


Cut through the center of the fruit
Squeeze the juice into the measuring machine.

The sweet, juicy pulp is a real treat!

Everyone tastes the fruits to confirm ripeness, texture, juiciness, etc.

This year, the exquisite Himawari Watermelon was born again, sweet, juicy, and with a refreshing taste!

Cut into pieces and taste test
Yum! Sweet!

Sunflower watermelon" from Sugimoto Farm

After that, we moved to Katsuhiro Sugimoto's greenhouse to inspect the sugar content.
With a sugar content of 11.9 degrees, the taste is OK!

If the sugar content is not reached or the grapes are not matured enough at the time of the sugar content test, adjustments are made to delay the shipping date. Thorough inspections and strict controls and checks are implemented before shipment.

Tasted at Sugimoto Farm!

Determination of shipping date:
Thursday, June 6: Agricultural cooperative shipments; Friday, June 7: First auctions in Asahikawa and Sapporo

Finally, Mr. Yuya Fujikawa, JA Kitasorachi Fruits and Vegetables Department, announced the date of the shipment.

Yuya Fujikawa, JA Kitasorachi Fruits and Vegetables Department, announces the schedule

The results of the sugar content test showed 12 degrees at Mr. Takada's place and 11.9 degrees at Mr. Sugimoto's place, so we will ship on Thursday, June 6, and the first auction will be held on Friday, June 7.

This year, the coronas have settled down and we will be able to sample them at the first auction, so we will be giving you a case of those for tasting. please be sure to visit Akimitsu Takada's place on the morning of Thursday, June 6, as he will be conducting a total sugar test".

commemorative photograph

Producers who lovingly grow "Himawari Suika" (watermelon).

Producers who lovingly grow "Himawari Watermelon
Sunflower watermelons waiting to be shipped!

Fresh, lemon-yellow glow of "sunflower watermelon"!

Sunflower watermelon" has a fresh, lemon yellow glow!

The finest yellow small watermelon with juicy, refreshing sweetness!

With boundless love, gratitude, and prayers to the "Sunflower Watermelon" from Hokuryu Town, which shines as yellow as a sunflower and carries deliciousness and happiness to everyone.

We are grateful for the magnificent nature!

Sunflower watermelon, a specialty of Hokuryu Town! Sweet! It's delicious!

After the sugar content test, we brought the first freshly harvested "Himawari Watermelon" of the year to the town hall. Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki, town hall staff, and Goji Kitagawa, head teacher of Manryu Elementary School, who happened to be visiting the town hall, tasted them.

Sunflower watermelon" from Hokuryu Town! Sweet! Yum!"

A taste of happiness that will make you smile ♡

Sugar content test/Youtube video

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◇ Reporting and writing by Ikuko Terauchi (Photography and editorial assistance by Noboru Terauchi)