Yasuhiro Sasaki, Mayor, June Activities Schedule

Saturday, June 1, 2024

This is the schedule of activities of Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki. In response to requests from townspeople who wish to speak with the Mayor and know when he will be in town, the Mayor himself has made his schedule public (from April 2024).

As of ❂ Saturday, June 1
Official business meetings and meetings in the office are omitted.
This schedule is current as of the date of publication and is subject to change or addition.
Please contact the General Affairs Division (Tel: 0164-34-7028) when you visit us.

Saturday, June 1

⏱ 16:00 Sapporo Seminar with Lower House Representative Kuniyoshi Azuma

Monday, June 3

⏱ 10:00 Special meeting of the North Sorachi Sanitation Center Union Assembly

Tuesday, June 4

⏱ 10:00Inspection tour of the town, first tasting of Sunflower watermelon this year [Feature Article].
⏱ 16:00 Ordinary general meeting of the North Sorachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Wide-area cooperation council

Wednesday, June 5

⏱ 09:30 Memorial Ceremony to commemorate the 122nd anniversary of the founding of Hokkaido Gokoku Shrine
⏱ 12:00 Workshop of Hokuryu Town Bereaved Families Association

Thursday, June 6

⏱ 13:00 Visit of Fukagawa Sales Manager of Sorachi Chuo Bus and Fukagawa Station Manager

Friday, June 7

⏱ 07:00First Auction of Sunflower Watermelons! 2024 (Kyokuchi Fruit and Vegetable Auction Center, Asahikawa City) [Feature Article].

Saturday, June 8

⏱ 08:45 Great Sports Day at Mayu Elementary School

Tuesday, June 11

⏱ 14:00Kuro Sengoku Soybean Fair in Chikaho [Feature Article
⏱ 15:00Visit to Hokkaido Government Office [Feature Article] (Japanese only)

Thursday, June 13

⏱ 09:00 3rd Extraordinary Meeting of 2024 Hokuryu Town Council

Friday, June 14

⏱ 09:00 Administrative inspection of council town

Saturday, June 15

⏱ 08:30 North Sorachi Town Employees Baseball Tournament
⏱ 09:00 Yawara Nursery School Sports Day
⏱ 11:00 Memorial service for the war dead
⏱ 12:00 Shinryu Shrine Spring Festival
⏱ 13:00 Memorial service for war dead

June 16 (Sunday)

⏱ 09:00Correspondence with the Director-General of the Agricultural Products Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries visiting the town [Feature Article].

Monday, June 17

⏱ 07:00First Sunflower Melon Auction! 2024 (Asahikawa City) [Feature Article].
⏱ 15:00Monthly activity report meeting for village supporters and regional development cooperation corps

Tuesday, June 18

⏱ 16:00 Meeting of heads of organizations in Hokuryu Town

Friday, June 21

⏱ 3:30 p.m. Town council president meeting

Saturday, June 22

⏱ 13:00 House of Councillors Member Tsuyohito Iwamoto Political Economy Seminar

June 23 (Sunday)

⏱ 10:00 Ceremony to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the 2nd Division and the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of the Asahikawa Garrison【Reference: Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 2nd Division Youtube ]

Monday, June 24

⏱ 13:30 Special meeting of Sorachi Education Center Union Assembly

Tuesday, June 25

⏱ 16:00 North Sorachi Area Promotion Council

Wednesday, June 26

⏱ 15:30 General Meeting of Sorachi Region Comprehensive Development Association

Thursday, June 27

⏱ 08:30 Chair's Cup PG Tournament
⏱ 13:00 Ceremony to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Chichibubetsu Town

Friday, June 28

⏱ 14:30Hokuryu Town Firefighting Exercise [Feature Article] (Japanese only)interpoint (interword separation)Reception [Feature Article].

June 30 (Sunday)

⏱ 17:30Sapporo Hokuryu Festival [Feature Article] (Japanese only)


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