Yasuhiro Sasaki, Mayor, April Activities Schedule

Friday, April 4, 2024

This is the schedule of Mayor Yasuhiro Sasaki's activities. In response to requests from townspeople who want to know when the Mayor will be in town to speak with him, the Mayor has made his schedule available to the public.

As of ❂ Monday, April 1
Official business meetings and meetings in the office are omitted.
This schedule is current as of the date of publication and is subject to change.

April 1 (Monday)

⏱ 08:45 Ceremony to award long-service awards and issue letters of appointment
⏱ 10:00 Entrance Ceremony at Yawara Nursery School
⏱ 14:00 Visits by faculty/staff transferees
⏱ 14:30Inspection of the town [Feature Article].

Tuesday, April 2

⏱ 07:15Riding the Hokuryu-Sesogyu Line, a town-run bus [Article].
⏱ 17:30The 2nd Hokuryu Kendama Club Hekisui Resident Office Cup and Encouragement Visit [Feature Article

April 4 (Thursday)

⏱ 13:30 General meeting of the Hokuryu-cho JRCA

Friday, April 5

⏱ 08:00 Greetings from Hokkaido Prefectural Office

Saturday, April 6

⏱ 10:30Digital AMeDAS Application Launch [Article] (Japanese only)
⏱ 12:00 Meeting with Hokkaido Association of Chairpersons of Towns and Villages
⏱ 17:00 Reception by former officers of the Hokkaido Association of Chairpersons of Towns and Villages

Monday, April 8

⏱ 08:30Kuro Sengoku Office Factory Direct Store Opening and Encouraging Visit [Feature Article].
⏱ 09:30 Entrance ceremony at Mayu Elementary School
⏱ 11:00 Prayer service for traffic safety
⏱ 13:25 Entrance ceremony at Hokuryu Junior High School
⏱ 16:00 Director of Takigawa River Office visited the office
⏱ 18:00 Roundtable meeting of fire brigade leaders

Tuesday, April 9

⏱ 10:00Press release on the FY2024 policy budget [Article] (Japanese only)
⏱ 1:30 p.m. Mr. Aoyama of the Nursing Care Produce RX group visited the office.
⏱ 14:00 Ordinary meeting of general representatives of the Kitasorachi Agricultural Cooperative Association
⏱ 15:00 Inaugural address by Captain Inoue, 2nd Special Forces Regiment, GSDF
⏱ 17:30 Welcome party for educators

Wednesday, April 10

⏱ 10:00 Entrance ceremony of Takushoku University Hokkaido College
⏱ 16:00 Regular general meeting of Sorachi Towns and Villages Association and social gathering

Thursday, April 11

⏱ 15:30 Hokkaido B&G Regional Marine Center Liaison Council General Meeting

Friday, April 12

⏱ 09:00 Greetings from outside the provincial government
⏱ 18:00 Meeting with former JA Kitasorachi board members

Tuesday, April 16 - Thursday, April 18

⏱ 09:00 The 2nd regular meeting of the Hokuryu Town Council in 2024

Friday, April 19

⏱ 16:00 General meeting of North Sorachi Mayor's Association

Saturday, April 20

⏱ 13:00 House of Councillors Member Takeshi Hasegawa Political Economy Seminar

Tuesday, April 23

⏱ 13:00 Ordinary General Meeting of Hokkaido Road Maintenance Promotion Association
⏱ 14:30 Ordinary General Meeting of Hokkaido Alliance for Flood Control, Erosion Control and Coastal Business Promotion
⏱ 16:00 Ordinary General Meeting of Hokkaido Disaster Prevention Association

Wednesday, April 24

⏱ 10:00 Hokkaido Road Users Conference General Meeting

April 25 (Thursday)-26 (Friday)

⏱ 13:30Hokkaido Association of Towns and Villages Annual General Meeting [Article] (Japanese only)
⏱ 18:00 Roundtable meeting with town and village mayors and Hokkaido officials

Friday, April 26

⏱ 08:00Wa Neighborhood Association Senior Citizens Club, Environmental Beautification Cleanup (Trash Pickup) [Feature Article] (Japanese only)
⏱ 09:00 Farewell party following the death of Mr. Uemura, the Michi-kaichi Council PresidentSee also: Youtube channel Uemura Mami ]

Tuesday, April 30

⏱ 13:30 General Meeting of Succession Planning Promotion Council
⏱ 14:00 Agricultural Promotion Council Meeting
⏱ 17:00 Greeting at the regular meeting of the Council of Social Welfare Commissioners

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