With gratitude for handmade tofu!

Monday, February 19, 2024

The other day, we received some delicious, handmade tofu from Yumiko Takebayashi, a resident of Iwamura, Hokuryu Town.

Delicious homemade tofu (by group "Buta no Shippo")

美味しい手作り豆腐(by グループ「ぶたのしっぽ」さん)
Delicious homemade tofu (by group "Buta no Shippo")

This handmade tofu is made by the members of "Buta no Shippo," a group active at Palm, a food and agriculture workshop in Hokuryu Town.

This group, in which Yumiko Takebayashi participates, is active once or twice a month from about mid-November to late February. They are not only making homemade tofu, but also sausage making and other frozen foods that are convenient during the busy farming season.

The group currently has seven members. The age range is about 10 years old, and we are enjoying our activities in a friendly and fun atmosphere with a mixture of parent and child friends.

Story by Yumiko Takebayashi

Tofu is made according to various conditions (soybean material, amount of water, weather, temperature, humidity, etc.) at any given time. When I receive good tofu from my friends, I ask them how to make it.

I have been making tofu for more than 10 years now. Recently, I have finally become able to make it without too many mistakes.

The children have taken over the activities, and the children's families have gathered together with their friends and are enjoying the activities in a friendly and cheerful manner," said Yumiko Takebayashi.

Tofu Cooking

Cooking with tofu as soon as possible!
The chef for the two dishes is Noboru!

Meat and tofu with plenty of cabbage!

First, meat and tofu with plenty of cabbage!

Delicious tofu soaked in gravy!
Served with medicinal egg soup!

The meat and tofu soaked up the juices and were very tasty!

Fish Tofu with simmered sea bream and tofu!

And the other is fish tofu, which is tofu simmered together with braised sea bream!

Fish Tofu" simmered with sea bream

The sweetness of the fatty white meat of the sea bream and the tofu soaked in the rich, flavorful broth were very delicious! Thank you for the feast!

We wish you the best in homemade tofu, which is a perfect match for both meat and fish, full of love and the most delicious taste, with endless love, gratitude and prayers.

Accompanied by brown rice with umeboshi!

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