Blissful parfait time with black sengoku tea jelly parfait!

Friday, February 16, 2024

Kuro Sengoku Tea Jelly Parfait with Kuro Sengoku Tea Jelly, Kuro Sengoku Flakes, Kuro Sengoku Anko (red bean paste), and many other Kuro Sengoku processed products!

Kuro Sengoku Tea Jelly Parfait

Parfait with black sengoku tea jelly

Kuro-sengoku-cha jelly

Kurozengoku-cha jelly is made by boiling Kurozengoku-don to make tea and adding Kurozengoku-mame as it is.

The unique aroma and sweetness of Kuro Sengoku tea spreads a gentle flavor.

Kuro-sengoku-cha jelly

Espresso coffee & strawberries as accompaniment!

Espresso coffee & strawberries as accompaniment!

Drizzle melon honey over the top.

The parfait is topped with Kurozengoku tea jelly, Kurozengoku flakes, homemade Kurozengoku red bean paste, yogurt, strawberries, green tea ice cream, vegetable bolo, maple walnuts, and drizzled with melon honey.

The Kuro Sengoku parfait is topped with melon honey!

Add plenty of yogurt & strawberries

The Kuro Sengoku parfait with plenty of yogurt and strawberries is a collaboration of various textures and tastes!

Enjoy the gentle sweetness and the unique taste of Kuro Sengoku, and enjoy the blissful parfait time with endless love, gratitude and prayers.

With boundless love, gratitude and prayers for a blissful parfait time.

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