The 5th Park Friends Cup Park Golf Tournament (Himawari Park Golf Course, Hokuryu Town): 122 people gathered from all over the province, with the oldest player, 93 years old, in good spirits!

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

The 5th Park Friends Cup Park Golf Tournament was held on July 23 (Sun.) from 08:00 at the Himawari Park Golf Course in Hokuryu-cho, with 122 players from all over Hokkaido, from Wakkanai City in the north to Tomakomai City in the south. The oldest player, 93 years old, played in high spirits!

This tournament is sponsored by companies and other organizations in Hokuryu Town where people who love park golf can deepen their friendship. Players whose score is 6th place or higher will all win gorgeous prizes by drawing lots.

The 5th Park Friend Cup Park Golf Tournament

Park Friends Cup Park Golf Tournament

reception area (e.g. in a store)

reception area (e.g. in a store)

Organizers, etc.

The event was initiated by Taeko Yamada of Yamada Funeral Service, Tadashi Hiraiba, president of Seicomart Hekisui, and Kiyomi Kitajima, president of Snack Kirara.

  • Sponsored by:Shiomi Kensetsu K.K. (Representative: Mitsuyuki Koshida), Yamada Y.K. (Representative: Yuzo Yamada), Seicomart Hekisui (Representative: Tadashi Hiraba), Snack Kirara (Representative: Kiyomi Kitajima)
  • Sponsored by:Hokuryu Town, Mr. Katsuzo Ito, Chairman of the Hokuryu Park Golf Association, Farm Kawashima (Representative Yasuhiro Kawashima), Farm Iwamoto (Representative Tadashi Iwamoto)
  • Luxury prizes:Hokuryu melon, watermelon, beer, rice, sweets, etc.

122 participants from all provinces

  • Total 123 (1 absent): 67 men and 56 women
  • Takikawa City (16 persons), Shintotsukawa Town (13 persons), Imoseguro Town (15 persons), Numata Town (11 persons), Chichibubetsu Town (4 persons), Fukagawa City (6 persons), Amaryu Town (2 persons), Tomamae Town (2 persons), Sunagawa City (6 persons), Wakkanai City (2 persons), Rumoi City (20 persons), Hokuryu Town (26 persons)
  • The oldest participant was the miracle healthy 93-year-old Rokusaburo Nakayama, a resident of Hokuryu Town!

Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Park Golf Course

Hokuryu Sunflower Park Golf Course

Competition Rules/Course

The competition is played in groups of four, over four courses and 36 holes. Rules are in accordance with the rules of the NPO International Park Golf Association.

There are four courses at Himawari Park Golf Course: the Yew Course, the Sunflower Course, the Sakura Course, and the Dragon Course, for a total of 36 holes (Par: 132, Distance: 1,904m).

Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Park Golf Course
Hokuryu Park Golf Course with 36 holes over 4 courses

Well-maintained park golf course

The Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Park Golf Course features a spectacular view surrounded by 2 million sunflowers in summer and a well-maintained lawn of the highest standard. The lawn is carefully cared for (mowing, watering, etc.) every day throughout the year.

In addition, a practice range is available for golfers to check their distance before playing. The condition of the grass is so excellent that it competes for the first or second place in the whole province," said a participant.

yew course

yew course

Participant Comments

According to the participants, "Hokuryu Park Golf Course is very well cared for and the view of the sunflower field is wonderful, so it is very pleasant to play there. The condition of the grass is so good that it competes with the best and second best park golf courses in the whole Hokkaido.

The condition of the grass on a park golf course varies depending on the weather, humidity, temperature, and maintenance conditions. And the ball's movement changes depending on the condition of the grass.

And every time we play, we analyze the situation each time and adjust the degree of force, direction, etc., to hit the ball, so it is very difficult to relax.

It is difficult to play consistently because my physical condition also affects my game," he said, explaining the difficulty and depth of his game.

Well-maintained lawns of the highest standard

Start of the tournament!

The tournament was held on a beautiful day for park golf, with a field of sunflowers in full bloom in the background and a refreshing early summer breeze blowing. The competition started after 8:00 a.m. and lasted for about three hours.

With a field of sunflowers in happy colors in the background!

Moderator: Mr. Tadashi Hiraiba (President, Seicomart Hekisui)

Mr. Tadashi Hiraba (Representative of Seicomart)

The tournament is sponsored by Shiomi Construction, Yamada Corporation, Seicomart Hekisui, and Snack Kirara, with many prizes from Hokuryu Town, Mr. Katsuzo Ito, chairman of the Park Golf Association, Farm Kawashima, and Farm Yamamoto. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for their cooperation," said Tadashi HAYBA, the host of the event.

Greeting: Mr. Kazuaki Yamada (Representative of Yamada Co., Ltd. on behalf of the organizer)

Kazuaki Yamada President

This tournament is designed to provide a fun way for everyone to enjoy playing park golf. We have prepared a lot of prizes to give away on the way home. We hope you will enjoy playing with a smile on your face.

Explanation of the competition: Mr. Katsuzo Ito (Chairman, Hokuryu Park Golf Association)

パークゴルフ会長 伊藤勝造さん
Mr. Katsuzo Ito, Park Golf Chairman

The sunflowers on the west side of the garden are now in full bloom, thanks to the beautiful weather. The Sunflower Festival opened yesterday, and we hope you will stop by.

This tournament will be held in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Park Golf Association.

Local rules require that play be resumed immediately if the old cup or water inlet is entered.

The termination will be '8'.
We would like to remind you to stay off the tee ground until all four players have hit their shots.

After all players have made their cup-in, please get off the green as soon as possible and get ready for the next course," explained Mr. Ito.

To all who participated

To all who participated

Pleasant Park Golf Day

The competition, which involved 36 holes over four courses, lasted more than two hours and was hotly contested.
The cloudy sky with a refreshing breeze and the occasional sun showering us with light power made for a very pleasant day of park golf.

Okay, okay, okay. Nice shot! My pace! My pace!
I'm like, "That's a nice pacone sound. It's a different sound!" The ball's slipping. I hate it.

The joyful words of play echo through the air, along with laughter and cheering.

The start of play with a tightened mind!
Nice shot!
9 hole cup in!
With a field of sunflowers in the background.
Try to cup in on the slope!
Play that challenges over the mountains and over the valleys!
Nice shot!
Aim and GO!

Stay well hydrated!

Stay well hydrated!
An array of drink bottles

Score tally and announcement

score tabulation

Postings sorted by number of scores

Postings sorted by number of scores


Since there were two players with top scores of 102, a playoff decider was held.

Championship Game (Playoffs)
Participating players watching the playoffs

Announcement of results and presentation of prizes Awards from 1st to 5th place


youth (Titles omitted)

  • 1st : Mr. Kaname Yohashiro (Rumoi City)
  • 2nd : Mr. Shigeo Yokomizo (Numata Town)
  • 3rd : Mr. Kimihiko Nakatsuka (Tomamae City)
  • 4th : Mr. Takeharu Takeda (Takikawa City)
  • 5th : Mr. Hiroaki Nakano (Numata Town)

girl (Titles omitted)

  • 1st : Ms. Chieko Akiyama (Shin Totsukawa Town)
  • 2nd : Ms. Mie Maebana (Numata Town)
  • 3rd : Ms. Emiko Oji (Hokuryu Town)
  • 4th : Ms. Sachiko Yokomizo (Numata Town)
  • 5th : Ms. Mika Hayashi (Rumoi City)

After 6th place, a raffle will be held in order of rank. Prizes will be awarded to all participants by lottery.
Luxury prizes include melons, watermelons, rice, beer, sweets, cup noodles, etc.

1st place: a box of Hokuryu melons



Prize presentation

Prizes for all participants

The park golf lovers from all over Hokkaido gathered to enjoy the ultimate sport, "Hokuryu Town Friendship Cup Park Golf," with a backdrop of sunflowers in full bloom and shining with happy colors.

With thanks to the Hokuryu Town Friendship Cup Park Golf, the ultimate sport for healthy enjoyment.

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