The 50th Hokuryu Town Sunflower Olympics (Hokuryu Town Board of Education)The smiling, energetic power of the town's seniors shines brightly

Monday, November 22, 2021

The 50th Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Olympics was held on Thursday, November 18, from 09:30 at the Hokuryu-cho Rural Environmental Improvement Center.

Outline of the 50th Hokuryu Town Sunflower Olympics

  • Sponsored by:Hokuryu Town Board of Education
  • Cooperation:Hokuryu Town Sports Promotion Committee

Venue: Hokuryu Town Rural Environment Improvement Center (gymnasium)

Hokuryu Town Rural Environment Improvement Center (gymnasium)

About 60 people aged 65 and over from various neighborhood associations, including university students from the Hokuryu-cho Himawari University and members of the Himawari Longevity Association, participated in the event and enjoyed the competition in high spirits.

opening ceremony

Everyone overflowing with energy and power

General Moderator: Mr. Satoshiro Yamazaki, Hokuryu Town Board of Education

The conference proceeded smoothly and without delay under the general chairmanship of Mr. Soshiro Yamazaki of the Hokuryu Town Board of Education.

北竜町教育委員会 山崎聡士朗さん
Soshiro Yamazaki, Hokuryu Town Board of Education

Greetings from the President: Mr. Kazushi Arima, Superintendent of Education, Hokuryu Town Board of Education

Kazushi Arima, Superintendent of Education

I would like to thank everyone for taking time out of your busy schedules today to participate in the 50th annual "Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Olympics".

The previous year we were unable to hold the event at the Corona Disaster. This year, however, things have finally settled down and we are very happy to be able to hold the event this way.

All the leaves have already fallen off the trees around here. Even the weather forecast is showing signs of snow.

It is indeed late fall, late fall, but it is still fall. Speaking of autumn, it is the season for sports. In professional baseball, the Climax Series finals will begin on November 20. In the world of golf, too, there are only a few more games left, and the fierce competition for prize money is still raging.

Today, we are expecting a heated competition in this gymnasium as well. Now, we have a variety of events for this tournament.

I am sure that everyone will enjoy each of these events. There will be those who are good at it and those who are not. Those who are good at it are encouraged to play their best, and those who are not so good at it are encouraged to try their best through their masks and cheer with applause to make this tournament more exciting.

In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all the sports promoters, the Himawari Longevity Association, and the Senior Citizens University and Himawari University for their great cooperation in organizing this tournament. I wish you all the best today," said Mr. Arima, Superintendent of Education.

Have fun playing!

Referee's Note: Sports Promotion Committee, Okino Manabu, Chairperson

スポーツ推進委員会 沖野学委員長
Sports Promotion Committee Chairperson: Manabu Okino

Good morning. First, we will do radio calisthenics as a general warm-up. I would like each of you to do your own hand and foot exercises if you are lacking as a preparatory exercise.

This year we have two new competitions from the previous year. We will make every effort to ensure that everyone can enter the competition smoothly during the trials and demonstrations, so we ask for your cooperation," said Mr. Okino, the committee chairman.

Pledge of Allegiance: Akira Tanimoto, Himawari University, Class President

「選手宣誓」ひまわり大学 谷本明学級委員長
Pledge of Allegiance" by Akira Tanimoto, Class President, Sunflower University

Pledge! We, all athletes engaged in lifelong learning, pledge to deepen intercommunity exchange, avoid injury, and enjoy this day to the fullest at the 50th Sunflower Olympics.

Akira Tanimoto, Class President, declared emphatically, "November 18, 2021, Athletes' Representative: Akira Tanimoto.

I pledge to enjoy this day to the fullest!

Introduction of each team's coach

  • Red group (Wahonmachi, Nishikawa, Mimagyu): Kazuo Shibasaki, Director
  • White Team (Wahigashimachi, Kyoei, Sakuraoka): Shizuo Nakamura, Director
  • Yellow Team (Wa, Itaya, Mitani, Iwamura, Kosaku): Akira Tanimoto, Director
Introduction of each team's coach

Hokuryu Town Sports Promotion Committee and Committee Members

  • Committee Chairman, Manabu Okino
  • Vice-Chairman, Hiroto Sakamaki
  • Committee Member, Mr. Ryo Kato
  • Commissioner, Ms. Misuzu Namba
Hokuryu Town Sports Promotion Committee and Committee Members
(From left to right: Manabu Okino, Hiroto Sakamaki, Ryo Kato, Misuzu Namba)

Preparatory exercises (radio calisthenics)

Full-body exercises will relax the body thoroughly.

radio calisthenics
radio calisthenics

Explanation of each competition

Mr. Okino, chairperson of the academic committee, gave a detailed explanation of each competition, followed by a trial run.

Explanation of each competition by Mr. Okino, Chairperson of the Academic Committee

Start of Sunflower Olympics

No. 1: Object sending relay (10 persons from each group)

  • Pass a tube through a string and hand the tube to the next person, who makes three round trips to reach the goal time.
White team: Object transfer relay
Red group: Object transfer relay
Yellow group: Object transfer relay

No. 2: Bowling (5 players per group)

  • Roll the ball toward 10 bowling pins and compete for the number of pins that fall over.
Strike! Well done!

No. 3: Ladder getters (6 from each group)

  • Balls with strings are thrown on ladders and hooked to compete for points.
Nice shot!
Double shot! Score added!
Nice swing!

No. 4: Sekisho Yaburi (5 people from each group)

  • If you win, you go back and pass the baton to the next person, and if you lose, you go around the keeper and play rock-paper-scissors. If you lose, you go around the keeper and play rock-paper-scissors to the next person.
Janken Pon!
If you lose, you go around!
Yatter! High-five everyone!

break time

break time

No. 5: Ball toss (10 players per group)

  • Compete for the time when you finish putting in all 100 balls.
There you go! Pon!
Jump to!

No. 6: Floor curling (4 players from each group)

  • Draw Shot Showdown. Compete for the shortest distance to the nearest flocker to the target.
Mr. Yamazaki explaining about floor curling
Rotate and be careful!
Aim at the target!
Measuring distance to flocker

No. 7: Aim for an upset (9 players from each group)

  • Throw the ball at the numbered targets. Compete for the total number of points for each target you hit.
Hit! Target!
Aim at the target!
Aiming for reversal!
Nice pose!

closing ceremony

Announcement of Grades & Awards

Final tally!
  • Winner :White 78 points
  • 2nd place:Yellow team 69 points
  • 3rd Place:Red team 44 points
First place award, white team!
Second Place Award, Yellow Group
Third Place Award, Red Group

Comment: Yoshiharu Yamashita, Vice President, Hokuryu-cho Himawari Longevity Association

Critique: Vice Chairman Yoshiharu Yamashita

I would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication today. I was very impressed by your hard work and dedication. Once the competition began, I saw how you were focused on winning and how you wanted to win, and I felt the richness of your emotions. I thought that the actions of "laughing when you fail and clapping when you succeed" would lead to better health on a daily basis.

By the way, coronavirus infections have not ended yet. We are now in a state of rest, and we must not let our guard down. It will be important to continue to take precautions against coronas in our daily lives. We feel it is also important to take infection prevention measures into consideration and take firm action when holding events.

Your health is our first priority. The first snow will fall soon and winter will be in full swing. Take good care of yourselves, and I look forward to your participation in next year's Olympics," said Vice President Yamashita.

After the competition.

Big lottery (for all)

The lottery was conducted by Mr. Arima, Superintendent of Education, for the numbers indicated on the lottery tickets given in advance, and prizes were awarded.

Luxury prizes to commemorate the 50th anniversary!
Raffle ticket with number
By raffle of raffle ticket numbers by the Town of Arima Education!
Special Prize! Congratulations!
Participation prizes are awarded to all participants without any hazing!
With boundless love, gratitude and prayers for the "50th Sunflower Olympics," the source of longevity, a sport that makes people move their bodies, enjoy conversation, smile and play with their hearts.
With thanks to the Sunflower Olympics, the source of longevity.

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