First auction of Hokuryu Sunflower melons! 2023 (Kyokuichi Fruit and Vegetable Auction Center, Asahikawa, Japan)

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

On Sunday, June 18, the first shipment of Hokuryu melons was held at the JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu Branch's produce collection and shipping facility. The next day, Monday, June 19, the first auction of Hokuryu sunflower melons was held at 6:50 a.m. at the Kyokuichi fruit and vegetable auction site of Kyokuichi Corporation (Asahikawa City).

Kyokuichi Fruit and Vegetable Auction (Asahikawa City)

At the Kyokuichi fruit and vegetable auction, a large selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables from Hokkaido is gathered. Aromatic aromas fill the market.

(Asahiichi" logo of Kyokuichi Co.

First auction of Hokuryu Sunflower Melon! 2023

Hokuryu Sunflower Melon

In the center, shipped Hokuryu Sunflower melons are lined up in rows.

Hokuryu melon case lined up in the center

One case, five excellent sunflower melons!

Hokuryu sunflower melon with high sugar content
Waiting for the first auction

The pre-auction tasting and post-auction breakfast meetings that used to be held have been forsaken for the past several years due to the Corona disaster.

Greeting from Mayor Yutaka Sano of Hokuryu Town

First, Mayor Yutaka Sano of Hokuryu Town greeted the participants.

Greetings from Mayor Sano

Today is the first auction of the Hokuryu Sunflower Melon. We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who has been so kind to us.

We were a little worried because of the lack of dry weather, but this year's melons have a high sugar content and are very tasty.

The producers are also working hard, and I would like to ask for your continued support," said Mayor Yutaka Sano.

While the Hokuryu melons are lined up.......

Mr. Yasunori Watanabe (Hokuryu Melon Growers Association)

左:佐野豊 町長 右:渡邊靖範さん【画像引用:北竜町長 佐野豊 活動報告Facebookページ】
Left: Mayor Yutaka Sano Right: Mr. Yasunori Watanabe [Image credit: Hokuryu Mayor Yutaka Sano Activity Report Facebook page].

This year, the snow melted early, but the temperature was low at the end of April, and it was cold at the most important time for ball enlargement, so the balls did not grow large.

However, the large difference in cold and warm temperatures produced delicious products with high sugar content.

This year's cultivation was very difficult to control the temperature to cope with the cold and larger fruit.

We hope that more people will enjoy the fresh and tasty Hokuryu melons that we have grown with care and sincerity this year," said Mr. Watanabe.

People making discernment

While identifying the superb "Hokuryu melons"...

the bidding goes by in a blink of an eye

The auctioneer's vigorous shouts echoed through the air!

Auctioned off in a flash! Congratulatory price 100,000 yen (1 box of 5 balls)! Congratulations!

A vigorous shout echoes through the air!

In the Hokuryu Melon Production Association, 25 households are involved in the cultivation of melons, and shipments will continue until mid-August.

The "Hokuryu Himawari Melon" is a fresh, juicy, blue flesh melon that boasts a mild, elegant sweetness and rich aroma.

With boundless love, gratitude and prayers for the glorious start of the dazzling and deliciously luminous Hokuryu melons as they travel across the country.

Hokuryu melon in all its delicious glory!

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