Hokuryu Sunflower Rice New Rice Festival 2021 We would like to express our sincere thanks to the many visitors!

Monday, October 4, 2021

From 09:00 on October 2 (Sat), 2021, "Hokuryu Himawari Rice New Rice Appreciation Festival 2021" was held at the parking lot in front of the Hokuryu Town Agricultural and Livestock Products Direct Sales Store, Minoricchi Hokuryu.

The weather was worrisome as it had been raining since the morning, but by the time the event was about to start, the rain had cleared up, which was a relief!

People started queuing up for about 30 minutes before the sale started. The number of people in line gradually increased, and it was a long line.

Many customers waiting for the opening.

people lining up

All Hokuryu delivers new rice

New rice brought in by large truck

Two large trucks were parked beside the tent and a large amount of new rice was brought in.

New rice loaded on a truck

Truckloads of new rice are carried out with the help of all hands.

We brought it in from the truck....

Sunflower Rice at a special price!

New Himawari Rice varieties "Yumepirika", "Oborozuki", "Nanatsuboshi", "Kitakurin", glutinous rice "Kazenoko mochi" and "germinated brown rice" will be sold at a great discount!

New rice is at a great price!

All Hokuryu delivers new rice produced in Hokuryu Town

The sales staff included officials from the JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu Branch Office, the youth and women's clubs of the same agricultural cooperative, Hokuryu Town Hall staff, husbands and wives of Hokuryu Town farmers, and the manager of Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen, all Hokuryu people cooperated and worked together to sell the new Hokuryu Himawari Rice!

The unifying force of all Hokuryu!

Nationwide Shipping Procedure Corner

Shipping Procedure Corner

Hokuryu Town Hall employee carefully explaining the procedure.

A town hall employee carefully explaining the procedures.

Many customers buy in bulk

Purchased more than 30 bags from Wakkanai City!

A customer from Wakkanai City purchased more than 30 bags!
He was happy to hear, "The rice from Hokuryu-cho is so good that I will give it to my children and relatives in my hometown." Many new rice purchases! Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for your purchase!

Assisted with loading into the car!

Load up the car!

Buy in bulk, 10 bags, 20 bags, etc.

Many customers buy 10 or 20 bags at a time, and we carry them to their cars on carts.

Lots of customers buying in bulk!
Carried to the car on a dolly.

Garapon Challenge Corner

The "Garapon Challenge" lottery, a drawing that can be done once for every 5 kg of Hokuryu Sunflower Rice purchased!

Garapon Challenge Corner

The gold prize is 5 kg of new Yumepirika rice, the silver prize is 3 kg of new Kazenoko Mochi rice, Brilliant Sunflower Oil, 2 kg of Oborozuki, 2 kg of Nanatsuboshi, and many other gorgeous prizes.

Gorgeous prizes! No prize!

The endless long lines.

The endless long lines.

A word about the New Rice Festival

The event was a great success, and we received a few words of feedback from those involved.

右から:北竜ひまわりライス生産組合・北清直人 組合長、JAきたそらち北竜地区理事・永井稔さん
From right: Mr. Naoto Kitakiyo, General Manager of Hokuryu Sunflower Rice Production Association, and Mr. Minoru Nagai, Director of JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu District

Naoto Kitakiyo, Union President, Hokuryu Sunflower Rice Production Cooperative

This year's harvest was very good, and we are happy to be able to offer such delicious rice to everyone," said Kitakiyo. We are also very grateful that so many people came to the event," said Mr. Kita Kiyoshi, head of the cooperative.

Minoru Nagai, Director, Hokuryu District, JA Kitasorachi

I was worried because of the bad weather this morning, but I was surprised to see a bigger turnout than I had expected. This year, more people bought 20 or 30 bags in bulk than in the past. One customer from Wakkanai City bought more than 30 bags.

Kimitoshi Washio, Branch Manager, JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu Branch

鷲尾公敏 支所長
Kimitoshi Washio Branch Manager

This year, we prepared about 1,000 5kg and 10kg bags of both Uruchi rice and glutinous rice. We are grateful that so many visitors came to the event this year, and the line for the popular "Gala-pon" was so long that it was too late. Next year, we would like to consider adding more than just rice to the prizes," said branch manager Kimitoshi Washio.

Maki Takagi, Manager, Rice Section, Sales Department, JA Kitasorachi

The creator (secretariat) of Team North Dragon, formerly of the JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu Branch's Agriculture Division, also visited the event.

Maki Takagi Section Chief

I feel that the beauty of Hokuryu is that the entire town and all of Hokuryu work together as volunteers to make events such as the New Rice Festival a success, including the cooperation of the agricultural cooperative officials, the youth club, the women's club, the town office staff, and farmers.

Hokuryu-cho is a town of unity, where everyone is always moving toward a single direction and goal. Nowadays, we live in a world of 'defense,' but I miss the lively days of 'offense' when I used to live in Hokuryu Town," said Mr. Takagi.

Great unity of all Hokuryu!

Hokuryu-cho Agricultural Products Direct Selling Store "Minorichi-Hokuryu

New Rice Sales

The new rice is also sold at the Hokuryu-machi Agricultural Products Direct Sales Store "Minoricchi Hokuryu"!

Hokuryu-cho Agricultural Products Direct Selling Store "Minorichi-Hokuryu

Fresh vegetables!

Fresh vegetables!
Thank you very much for your attendance!
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many people who have enjoyed the superb new "Sunflower Rice" from Hokuryu Town, which contains a great spirit.

We would like to express our great love, gratitude, and prayers for the wonderful unity of all Hokuryu people who supported the successful Hokuryu New Rice Thanksgiving Festival.

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