Ryujin Shuzo won the top prize at the Sake Made with Hokkaido Rice Award 2023. Ryujin Shuzo won the Grand Prix with its "Comet" sake produced in Hokuryu-cho. The new Ryujin sake Shiboritate is now in stock at Yamasho Sake Brewery.

Friday, December 29, 2023

Ryujin Comet Special Junmai Hon Nama

◇ Gunma Pref.
◇ Ryujin Sake Brewery
Comet 100% from Hokuryu Town
◇ 55% polished rice
◇ Alcohol content 15%.
◇ 1.8L ¥3,498-
◇ 720ml ¥1,760- (tax included)

Mild berry aroma with juicy sweetness and gentle acidity. Light on the palate with a clear and crisp finish.
We will be open all year round.


Shipping will be by Yamato Transport. We do not ship outside Japan.

Tax included

Hokkaido 605-1,450 yen
Tohoku 880-1,890 yen
Kanto, Shinetsu, Hokuriku 1,166 - 2,046 yen
Tokai: 1,122 yen to 2,090 yen
Kinki 1,300-2,288 yen
Chugoku, Shikoku 1,441 - 2,453 yen
Kyushu: 1,650-2,662 yen
Okinawa 2,442-5,016 yen

Cooling fee 220-660 yen
Cash on delivery fee: 330-660 yen

Shipping charges will vary depending on the size of the box. Cash on delivery fee depends on the total amount.

Some boxes will be charged: Yamato special box

720ml 1 bottle 160 yen tax included
720ml 2 bottles 220 yen including tax
1.8L 1 bottle 190 yen including tax
1.8L 2-pack, 290 yen tax included

Otherwise, no box fee will be charged.
Yamato Transport's cool delivery service is limited to a maximum of 5 bottles of 1.8L size.

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