The first shipment of Hokuryu sunflower melons, filled with lots of love from the growers and superb taste!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

First shipment of Sunflower melons

On June 16, 2021 (Wed.) at 1:30 p.m., the first shipment of Hokuryu melons was made by farmer Yasunori Watanabe, who brought a total of 10 boxes of 4 packs of 4 or 6 packs of 5 melons per case to the JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu Branch's produce collection and shipping facility.

Excellent melon with a sugar content of 16 degrees and the highest "Superior" grade.

With a sugar content of 16 degrees, these are all excellent melons of the highest "Superior" grade.

First shipment of Hokuryu Sunflower Melons

Hokuryu Melon Production Association

The Hokuryu Melon Production Cooperative currently has 25 melon-growing households with a planted area of 6 ha, and is aiming to ship 21,700 boxes by mid-August, with sales of approximately 90 million yen.

Superior grade, top quality melon

Story by Yasunori Watanabe

Yasunori Watanabe, 58

The start of this year was unusually difficult. Low temperatures and lack of sunshine continued, and the weather was bad during the fruit set period, so we had no fruit set, and even if fruit did set, it was often diseased. The average size of the balls was quite small, and even in Yubari and other areas throughout the province, the balls were said to be small.

However, the weather has been recovering for the past few days, so I think they will come out well around the end of July. Normally, it takes 55 days to harvest after the balls arrive, but this year, due to the lack of accumulated temperature, it is taking 3 extra days.

Because the grapes are matured over this period of time, the sugar content is well above the shipping standard of 14 degrees, at 16 degrees.

Although the Corona disaster has made things difficult, I would like you to taste the melon at home. First, enjoy the sight, then the aroma of ripening, and finally the taste," said Mr. Watanabe.

With Mr. Yasunori Watanabe and other producers
Mayor Yutaka Sano (right) and JA Kitasorachi/Hirokuni Kitakiyo, Hokuryu District Representative Director (left)
Commemorative photo of first shipment

Hidemasa Kawahara, Manager, Fruits and Vegetables Division (JA Kitasorachi)

Last year, too, there were fears that consumption would decline due to the Corona disaster. However, since people couldn't go out, melons were used as gifts.

As for this year, the situation is expected to continue to see movement, including in gifts. Overall, there has been a movement of mouth-watering items such as vegetables and fruits. People are unable to go out and order gifts by phone or on the Internet.

Last year, Yubari melons started off with no festive market price, but this year, they have a festive market price and seem to be off to a good start.

This year, with the difference in temperatures, the melons are perfect, including the sugar content," he said.

Interviewed by various reporters!

The Hokuryu Sunflower Melon, with its refreshing sweetness, smooth green flesh, and glossy shine, adorns the summers of Hokkaido!

We express our infinite love, gratitude, and prayers for the Hokuryu Sunflower Melon, which overcame many hardships, grew beautifully, and has a superb taste and a lot of love from the growers....

The Hokuryu Sunflower Melon boasts refreshing sweetness and smooth green flesh!

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