Gorokke Competition Held (hosted by Hokuryu Town Handicapped Welfare Association) smiles and laughter echoed through the air!

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

On December 4 (Mon.) at 2:00 p.m., the Hokuryu-cho Welfare Association for the Handicapped hosted the "Gorokke Tournament" at the Hokuryu-cho Senior Citizens Welfare Center.

Eight members of the Hokuryu Town Welfare Association for the Handicapped (Chairman: Yoshiharu Yamashita) participated in the event and enjoyed the games in a friendly atmosphere.

Hokuryu Town Handicapped Welfare Association

The Hokuryu Town Handicapped Welfare Association currently has 11 members (people with physical disabilities such as limb disabilities, cardiac dysfunction, etc. have joined).

(Based on the Articles of Incorporation of the Hokkaido Association for the Welfare of Persons with Physical Disabilities, the association's purpose is to contribute to the promotion of independence, health, community activities, and social participation of persons with physical disabilities, as well as to stabilize their lives and promote their welfare.

Gorokke Festival (Oct. 15 festival held at Gorokke Hall in Kyoto)

In the activities of the Hokuryu Town Welfare Association for the Handicapped, the "Gorokke Tournament" is held three to four times a year. Due to the Corona disaster, this tournament has not been held for the past several years, but this is the first time in four years.

Everyone was full of energy and power, and the game proceeded slowly at their own pace.

What is Gorlokke?

Golokke is a sport that originated in Kita Hiroshima City, similar to gateball.

The "Gorokke Tournament" was held in the hall inside the Hokuryu-cho Senior Citizens Welfare Center, where participants hit a ball (a ball with soft rubber protrusions) with a wooden mallet "mallet" to make it pass through gates set up in three locations, and compete for the total number of hits to reach the final goal.

Yoshiharu Yamashita Greetings from the Chairman

山下好晴 会長ご挨拶
Greeting from Chairman Yoshiharu Yamashita

Thank you all for coming today. Today, I would like to unite our hearts and do our best.

We would like to do what we have not been able to do in the past with the Corona Disaster, while sharing our wisdom with everyone from now on. Although the number of people joining associations for the disabled is decreasing nationwide, we would like to be proactive regardless of the number.

As discussed at the board meeting just now, it has been suggested that a cooling system be installed in this facility, as the overall room temperature tends to be high due to its structure. The disabled persons' association is also planning to actively raise its voice.

I think this room temperature issue is important because it is not just about us, but about the entire group/people, etc. who use this facility.

Hokuryu Town is a small town, but we would like to take the initiative in requesting these issues.

Today, please enjoy a fun time exercising and getting hungry at the Gorokke game and having a delicious meal at the Hokuryu Hot Springs.

I will now begin, but please take care not to get hurt.

Start of play!

The veterans played slowly, taking aim and carefully placing their mallets on the ball!
The ball doesn't move smoothly.

"Oh, that was great!" Nice! Nice! Nice.
The play time was fun and full of smiles as everyone cheered for the team!

A fun time of play, full of smiles!
Passed through Gate 1 with flying colors!
Mark the position where the ball stopped by placing your colored ribbon on it.
Aim for gate 2!
Thankful drinks (tea) are distributed at the rest area!

After a break, two games were played.
Rankings will be determined from 1st to 8th place in order of lowest total number of hits, and each will receive a luxurious prize.

Luxury prizes provided!

Awarded to all participants!

Greetings from Mr. Michito Nakamura, Executive Director

中村道人 事務局長ご挨拶
Greetings from Mr. Michito Nakamura, Executive Director

Today, we have gathered here with the goal of improving everyone's physical fitness.
This year's convention was held three times, in August, October, and December. Next year, we plan to hold the convention four times. Since it was very hot this summer, we would like to schedule the tournaments avoiding hot weather as much as possible in the future.

At the board meeting just now, we discussed the possibility of actively developing business activities in the future, although the number of disabled members is also on the decline. Next year, a New Year's party is scheduled for January 15 (Monday). The mayor and the head of the Resident Division will also attend the party, so please join us.


After receiving wonderful prizes, the participants moved to the Sunflower Park Hokuryu Hot Springs for a workshop (get-together) after the tournament.

After the convention, buses will take you to Hokuryu Onsen

The mountains in the direction of Numata Town are dyed pink.

Arrival at Sunflower Park Hot Springs

Arrival at Sunflower Park Hot Springs

Conversation-filled training sessions (get-togethers).

Conversation-filled training sessions (get-togethers).

Opening Remarks by Vice President Iwao Hombu

本部巌 副会長のご挨拶
Headquarters Iwao, Vice President Greeting from the Vice President

I am happy to see you all here again after a long absence and in good health. I wish you all the best and hope to see you all again next year. Cheers! Cheers!

Delicious food!

Delicious food!

Closing remarks by Kazuyuki Kumeya

Mr. Kazuyuki Kumeya Toast

Today, the number of participants grew a little, and we took our time to enjoy the games."
Now that the coronas and flu have not yet subsided, I would like to toast to a healthy new year to all of you. Cheers!" .

A commemorative photo with everyone!

A commemorative photo with everyone!

With boundless love, gratitude and prayers for the Hokuryu Town Gorokke Tournament, a community sport in which each person sincerely deals with his or her physical disability, communicates with each other, moves his or her body at his or her own pace in harmony, and slowly enjoys himself or herself.

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◇ Reporting and writing by Ikuko Terauchi (Photography and editorial assistance by Noboru Terauchi)