One Day Tour of 1.5 Million Sunflowers and Cherry Picking in Hokuryu Town (Yomiuri Ryoko)

Friday, June 16, 2023



【定員】【札幌・胆振発着】北竜町150万本のひまわり畑とさくらんぼ狩り(日帰り)【読売旅行】Capacity】【Sapporo・Iriomote】Hokuryu Town 1.5 Million Sunflower Field and Cherry Picking (One Day Tour) 【Yomiuri Travel】 【Sapporo・Iriomote】Tour of Sapporo and Iriomote Town

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Flowering Status Event Access Lunch Image The 38th Himawari Festival (Hokuryu Town, Hokkaido) will be held! Saturday, July 20, 2024...

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