Hokkaido Everybody's Day (July 17) Episode Contest (Hokkaido Environmental Life Department) Call for photos and episodes! Deadline June 30

Thursday, January 13, 2022

The purpose of the episode contest is to make people in Hokkaido and beyond aware of "Dominion Day" and to reaffirm the value of Hokkaido and foster attachment to one's hometown, Hokkaido. The contest period is from Monday, November 15, 2021 to Thursday, June 30, 2022.

On Instagram, you can find the "Hokkaido Minna no Hi Episode Contest (@douminnohi717)Follow the hashtag "# Michimin no Hi (Day of the Road)"# Road Min's Day Episode ContestSubmitted with a "+"!

Noboru Terauchi & Ikuko Terauchi, Hokuryu-machi Portal Operation Manager, with their favorite episodes of Hokuryu-machi (about 100 words).together1002Participating in the "Hokkaido's Attractiveness" campaign. Why don't you join us in "Promoting Hokkaido's Attractiveness"?

Day of the People of the Province: July 17

July 17 is the day when Takeshiro Matsuura, who is considered the godfather of Hokkaido, proposed the name "Hokkaidō" to the Meiji government in 1869. Therefore, July 17 was established as "Hokkaido Citizens' Day" as a day to reconsider the value of Hokkaido and think about Hokkaido in the future.

Hokkaido Minna-no Hi (Hokkaido: Environmental Living Department, Living Safety Bureau, Hokkaido Citizens' Living Division)
July 17 is "Hokkaido Minna no Hi" (nicknamed "Day of Hokkaido"). It is a day to rediscover the charm and value of Hokkaido, to nurture a spirit of pride in Hokkaido, and to build a more prosperous Hokkaido.  Click here for details > >

Hokkaido Everybody's Day Episode Contest

The following is a quote from the website of the Hokkaido Department of Environment and Living.

Theme: "Please tell us about your favorite Hokkaido. Tell us about your favorite Hokkaido".

  • November to February: episodes related to fall and winter, March to June: episodes related to spring and summer
  • What is your favorite Hokkaido that you have encountered on your travels or in your daily life?


Support and Cooperation

About Application

Eligibility for Application

  • Anyone can apply.

How to apply

Application Rules

  • One person may submit as many works as they wish, but please refrain from submitting the same episode or the same photo multiple times!
  • Episodes should be approximately 100 words
  • Photos can be black and white, color, size, or taken at any time of year.

Awards, announcements, etc.

  • The following prizes will be awarded to the winners. (Please note that prizes will be shipped only within Japan.)
  • Winning entries will be announced on the official website of Michimin-no-hi and official Instagram
    Announced in March, R4: Shiroi Koibito Award
    Announced on July 17, R4: Hokkaido's Treasure Award, Sapporo Classic Award, Sapporo Agricultural College Award
    Nicknames or account names of contributors will be announced.
    Personal information will be discarded after the completion of the work.

Prizes for winners

Hokkaido Everybody's Day Episode Contest - Prizes for Winners

Examination and notification

  • The organizer will select the winning entries from among those submitted.
  • Winners will be notified in person along with the required information. For submissions to the official Instagram, the account at the time of submission will be notified. (Please note that if we are unable to contact you, your prize will be void.)

For inquiries, please contact

  • Hokkaido Department of Environment and Living, Living Safety Bureau, Hokkaido Citizens Life Division
    ☎ 011-231-4111 (ext. 24-156)
Hokkaido Everybody's Day Episode Contest (Hokkaido Environment and Life Division)
Hokkaido will hold an episode contest with the aim of making people in Hokkaido and beyond aware of "Dominion Day," reaffirming the value of Hokkaido, and fostering attachment to one's hometown, Hokkaido.  Click here for details > >

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