Sale of freshly baked bread by RICH Kobo (NPO Akarui Nouhou), Jan.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Delicious bread from RICH Kobo, the freshly baked bakery of the NPO Akarui Nouhou (President: Yumiko Takebayashi), will go on sale in January 2023.

RICH Kobo's January Bread

The "RICH Kobo" bread purchased this time in January 2023!

Sale Date & Bread Type

There will be five sales in January: Tuesdays (17th, 24th, and 31st) and Saturdays (21st and 28th). You can pick up in-store or pick up at home by appointment.

January's bread varieties include salted butter, raisin brulee, sunflower buns, cream buns, melon buns, cheese Danish sticks, chocolate croissants, curry buns, wiener rolls, mini breads, fermented butter croissants, cheese tarts, pumpkin bean buns, tarako cheese bread, brown rice butter rolls Salted caramel croissant, white flower bean bread, chiffon cake, apple pie, blueberry pie, etc.

Reservations and Inquiries

  • Ordering:Please fax by 5:00 p.m. two days before the day of sale.
        NPO Akarui NouhouFax: 0164-34-6405 (dry land)
  • Receipt:Pick up at a Minorichi-Hokuryu store or at home
  • Contact us:RICH Kobo Sales (NPO Akarui Nouhou)
        Tel: 070-6976-7637
Delicious Breads in January

January bread purchased this time

  • Mini breads, sunflower buns, chocolate croissants, cheese tarts, curry bread, sausage rolls, brown rice butter rolls!
  • Curry bread has a crispy batter and the gentle taste of mild curry roux!
  • The sausage roll is a satisfying bread with the flavor of sausage and ketchup sauce!

Curry Bread & Wiener Roll

Curry Bread & Sausage Roll

cheese tart

The cheese tart is moist, rich and delicious with a sour cheese flavor!

cheese tart

Blissful morning bread time!

The next day's morning bread was an "egg sandwich" on mini loaves of bread & a "homemade bean butter sandwich" on brown rice butter rolls!

Morning Breadtime!

Brown Rice Butter Roll with An Butter & Egg Sandwich

Brown Rice Butter Roll with An Butter & Egg Sandwich!

Homemade corn soup & blueberry and honey nut yogurt

A wonderful morning time with homemade corn soup & blueberry-honey-nut yogurt!

Homemade Corn Soup & Fruit & Nut Yogurt

With endless love, gratitude and prayers for a blissful lunch bread time & morning bread time to be enjoyed with a café latte full of foam milk, corn soup & yogurt.

With thanks for a blissful breadtime!

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Introducing delicious bread from RICH Kobo, a freshly baked bakery run by the NPO Akarui Nouhou (President: Yumiko Takebayashi).
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