Video: "Sunflower Watermelon" with yellow flesh and full of sweetness, shipments begin in Hokuryu-cho [NHK Hokkaido News WEB].

Monday, June 13, 2022

The first shipment of "Himawari Suika", a specialty of Hokuryu Town, was featured on "NHK Hokkaido NEWS WEB". There is also a video interview with Mr. Toshinari Watanabe. We would like to introduce it to you.

北竜町特産「ひまわりすいか」苗植え 黄色い果肉と甘みが特徴【NHK 北海道 NEWS WEB】
Planting of "Himawari Suika" seedlings, a specialty of Hokuryu Town, characterized by yellow flesh and sweetness [NHK Hokkaido NEWS WEB].

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