Hokuryu Town Hometown Tax Payment and Support Message (November 2020)

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

We received 131 heartwarming tax payment and support messages for Hokuryu Town during November 2020. We thank you from the bottom of our heart. Thank you very much.

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I have always enjoyed Natsuboshi! This time I added it as a gift for those who have taken care of me. I know you have a lot of hard work ahead of you, but please do your best to produce delicious rice and take pride in it! (Kanagawa, Japan)
We are deeply saddened by the news of the increase in the number of corona cases in Hokkaido! We are grateful for the tireless efforts of the farmers in Hokuryu-cho to provide us with another year of delicious rice, and we sincerely wish all the townspeople good health (Tochigi Prefecture).
I am a resident of Hokkaido. Please continue to protect rice, a specialty of Hokkaido! I support you! (Hokkaido, Japan)
I would like to donate some brown rice for my child, who is in the second grade of elementary school and has started playing baseball and eats a lot of rice! I have never been to Hokuryu town, but it looks really nice in the pictures. I have never been to Hokuryu Town, but it looks very nice from the pictures. I've never been to Hokuryu Town, but it looks great from the pictures. I know the world will still be a tough place to live, but I will continue to support you! Please keep up the good work! (Tokyo, Japan)
...I was not able to visit Hokkaido this summer because of this Corona disaster. It is a pity because I used to visit there every year by car or motorcycle. I hope I can go next summer. The sunflower field in Hokuryu-cho is one of my favorite places in Hokkaido. I think it is truly a beautiful place. Please keep it going. Keep up the good work (Kanagawa Prefecture)
The town of Hokuryu is known for its sunflower fields. It has a bright image. In addition to sunflowers, I hope the town will become an attractive place that can attract visitors of all ages and genders (Hokkaido).
Thank you for your numerous positive messages!

Hometown Support Message

Inquiries: Planning and Promotion Division, Hokuryu Town Hall Tel: 0164-34-2111

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