Hokuryu Town Hometown Tax Payment and Support Message (October 2020)

Thursday, December 3, 2020

We received 142 heartwarming tax payment and support messages for Hokuryu Town during October 2020. We thank you from the bottom of our heart. Thank you very much.

Here are some excerpts

Here is a partial list.

It is still the best tasting rice compared to the others. This year's new rice is also special! I would have nothing to say if you have a regular delivery service. I'm rooting for you (Kanagawa)
The Yumepirika rice from Hokuryu-cho is so delicious that I can no longer eat any other rice. We hope your donation will be used so that the production of this delicious rice can continue in the future (Tokyo, Japan).
Thank you very much for your delicious rice. Especially Oborozuki is the best for my family, although there is not much distribution of Oborozuki! We will continue to support you. ‼︎ (Hokkaido)
I am a Hokkaido native. I think KITAKURIN is the best tasting rice. Please continue to produce delicious Dosan rice. I will support you (Okinawa Prefecture)
Hokkaido Daisuki, Hokuryu-cho Daisuki ministry (Aichi Prefecture)
I have not visited there yet, but I would love to see the sunflowers on my planned trip to Hokkaido next year.
We are sorry that we could not see sunflowers this year due to the corona. I hope to see many sunflowers next year! I think sunflowers are flowers that give energy to many people. I wish everyone in Hokuryu Town the best of luck! (Hokkaido)
Thank you for your numerous positive messages!

Hometown Support Message

Inquiries: Planning and Promotion Division, Hokuryu Town Hall Tel: 0164-34-2111

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