Morning radio calisthenics for the 2024 school year has started! Many energetic students of Manryu Elementary School participated in the exercises!

Friday, June 14, 2024

The morning radio calisthenics organized by the Hokuryu Town Board of Education in 2024 has started.
The period is 89 days from Monday, June 10 to Friday, September 6.

Less than 60 people participated, including healthy townspeople and senior citizens, Goji Kitagawa, head teacher of Manryu Elementary School, and many children!

Vigorous and energetic, radio calisthenics!

The morning sun, the fresh air, and the radio calisthenics are a great way to get your whole body moving!

This is the best exercise for balancing the entire body with a light heart and body, at one's own pace and to one's own rhythm, without overdoing it.

Breathe in the fresh air.

With boundless love, gratitude, and prayers for healthy radio calisthenics that power up your morning energy and start your day with brightness and vigor.

With heartfelt thanks to the radio calisthenics that power up our morning energy.

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◇ Reporting and writing by Ikuko Terauchi (Photography and editorial assistance by Noboru Terauchi)