Plowing and furrowing are important tasks in the fields that nurture life!

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

It's the middle of May, but the weather is still dreary and the wind blowing through the watered rice paddies still feels cool.

Farmers' rice fields are flooded with water, and plowing & raking are underway in many parts of the town. In Hokuryu Town, rice planting will begin in earnest this weekend.

This is the scene at this time when the fields are being plowed, composted, and steadily prepared for the hard work of getting life to grow strong!

Tilling the vegetable garden (Photo: May 11)
Plowing & tilling rice paddies (Photo: May 12)
Important preparatory work to nurture life! (Photo taken May 12)

◇ ikuko (photo by noboru)