Friday, March 8] Sports Class and MORUCK [Sponsored by the Hokuryu Town Board of Education] Application Deadline: March 5 (Tue.)

Friday, March 1, 2024

Sports Classes and Mollec
Molok is a competition that is a combination of bowling and darts,
There are approximately 100,000 competitors worldwide

Date and time:Friday, March 8, 18:00 -
Location:Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Tourism Center
Cooperation:Hokuryu Town Sports Promotion Committee
Subject:For adults, students of junior high school age and older (residents of the town)
Participation Fee:free
Application deadline:Tuesday, March 5, 2012
Where to apply:Board of Education, Athletics Section, Office or Tel: 0164-34-2553

Contents of the day:

Molok is a kind of fusion of bowling and darts, and has about 100,000 competitors worldwide.
The number of people competing in this sport, which is gradually becoming popular in Japan, is increasing as everyone from the young to the elderly can participate in it.
Some of the world's most famous active players are nearly 70 years old!
We look forward to your participation!

スポーツ教室・モルック【北竜町教育委員会 主催】申込み期限:3月5日(火)まで
Sports Class, Molook [Sponsored by Hokuryu Town Board of Education] Application deadline: Tuesday, March 5 .
スポーツ教室・モルック【北竜町教育委員会 主催】申込み期限:3月5日(火)まで
Sports Classes and Molok [Sponsored by the Hokuryu Town Board of Education] Application deadline: March 5 (Tue.)

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