The "Margins" of the Sunflower Village - (4) "What a Blog of a Farmer in Hokuryu Town (Mr. Tsukasa Takebayashi)

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Here is a blog that tells the story behind the "Mystery Solved: Stories Heard in the Sunflowers," which was held for the first time this year at the 37th Hokuryu-cho Himawari Festival.

The writer is Tsukasa Takebayashi, 35, the representative of the Hokuryu Board Game Club, who organized the "Mystery Solving: Stories Heard in the Sunflower. With his permission, we would like to introduce him by his real name.

Profile of Tsukasa Takebayashi

[Mr. Tsukasa Takebayashi, a farmer in Hokuryu Town, somewhat of a blogger.
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blog post

[1] We did a puzzle-solving project (1) "Margins" in Himawari no Sato.

We did a mystery solving project (1) "Margin" in Sunflower Village.

[2] I did a project to solve a riddle. 2) I think the riddle looks good!

I did a puzzle solving project (2) I think the puzzle solving looks good!

3] We did a mystery solving project (3) Preparation for production

I did a mystery solving project (3) Preparation for production

I did a project to solve a riddle!

I did a mystery project (4) It's a production request!

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