Ryoji Kikura Receives Honorary Town Citizen: Words of Thanks from Ryoji Kikura: "Food is Life: 'Protect and Nurture Life, Food, Environment, and Livelihood' in Hokuryu Town" [PR Hokuryu].

Friday, January 6, 2023

The January 2023 issue (No. 689) of "Kohoku Ryu" (public relations magazine) featured an article titled "Mr. Ryoji Kikura Receives Honorary Town Citizenship".

Ryoji Kikura Receives Honorary Town Citizenship

Mr. Ryoji Kikura, former president of Kitasorachi Agricultural Cooperative Association, who has worked for the development of agriculture in Hokuryu Town as a leading expert in clean agriculture, was given the title of honorary town citizen by the council at the 3rd regular meeting of 2022. The ceremony was held on December 8, 2022, prior to the fourth regular meeting of the Hokuryu Town Council. The following is a letter of thanks from Mr. Kikura on the occasion of receiving the title.

Food is Life "Protecting and Nurturing Life, Food, Environment, and Livelihood" Hokuryu Town

Ryoji Kikura, Honorary Townspeople of Hokuryu

I would like to express my gratitude for receiving the honorary title of Hokuryu Town Honorary Citizen. I will never forget that the main actors are the members of the association and the citizens of the town. I have been a farmer for 67 years, putting my efforts and practices to good use by following the teachings of Mr. Mitsuo Goto and his son, Mr. Toru.

Goto's three teachings were as follows.

  • Work, learn, read.
  • Eventually there will be a shortage of safe food, practice for it!
  • As a person and as an officer of an agricultural cooperative, don't seek status, honor and money.

In 1973, Mr. Toru and I met and learned from the pioneers of natural farming, and also studied many times in advanced areas such as Aya Town in Miyazaki Prefecture, Oyama Town in Oita Prefecture, Takahata Town in Yamagata Prefecture, and Mikazuki Town in Saga Prefecture.

The town of Hokuryu, knowing the difficulty of working together on these issues, decided to take on the challenge of making a town-wide effort and enthusiastically called on all organizations to join in. The Land Improvement District adopted a resolution at its general assembly on November 2, 1990, to "create a rich environment and fertile farming villages.

Hokuryu Town and the Hokuryu Town Council passed a resolution on December 18, 1990 to establish "Hokuryu Town as a safe food production town that protects the lives and health of the people," and have been practicing safe food production for 33 years, a first in the nation.

Global warming countermeasures to protect the future of the earth, the viewpoint is to "protect the lives of children". Hokuryu Town will continue to proudly practice safer food production by blooming "2 million sunflowers" for a safe and bright society free from war and disasters. Gratitude

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December 9, 2022 (Fri.) On December 8 (Fri.) from 09:15, 2022, prior to the 4th regular meeting of the Hokuryu Town Council, "Mr. Ryoji Kikura, Honorary Town...

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