A "If you get a scam call, call #9110" sign is now available! Created by Sergeant Yuki Hoshino, Hekisui Residential Police Station, Fukagawa Police Station

Friday, November 4, 2022

Sergeant Yuki Hoshino, 30, Hekisui Police Station, Regional Division, Regional Section, Fukagawa Police Station, Asahikawa District, Hokkaido Police Department, created a "#9110 if you get a scam phone call" sign to help prevent damage from scam phone calls.

The illustration of the officer on the banner isYui Sasaki, Hokuryu-cho Community Development Cooperation VolunteerThe design of the The model is Sgt. Hoshino!

If you get a scam call, #9110/nobori

If you get a scam call, call #9110 (Left: Sergeant Yuki Hoshino, Right: Yukio Takada, President, Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative Association)
Created by Yui Sasaki: Officer Illustration, #9110 if you get a scam call

If you get a scam call, #9110, flyer

Officer Illustration, #9110 if you get a scam call.

#9110" is a nationwide telephone number that connects to the police consultation service.

If you need to talk to the police about a problem, please use the Police Consultation Line #9110. From anywhere in Japan, you will be connected to the police headquarters or other consultation offices that have jurisdiction over the area where you are calling from. (Reference: Government Public Relations Online)

Government Public Relations Online

If you are not sure whether a crime or accident is involved, but you want to consult with the police about stalking, domestic violence, malicious business practices, etc., you can use the telephone number for police consultation....

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