Hokuryu-cho specialty products "Sunflower Oil, Tanakaramochi Rice Crackers, Buckwheat Seed Flakes, and Kuro Sengoku Don" are now available at Hokkaido Ouen Todok (Coop Sapporo)!

Friday, May 8, 2020

Consumer cooperative Co-op Sapporo (headquartered in Sapporo) offers a home delivery service called "Todoc.
We are pleased to introduce the lineup of Hokuryu-cho specialty products in the "Hokkaido Ouen Todok, 3rd week of May 2020" catalog in the Todok series.

This Week's Pick up Regional Feature

One of the leading rice-producing regions in the entire province. Vegetables and fruit trees also flourish in this agricultural powerhouse.
connoisseurEnjoy the delicious taste of

Enjoy the delicacies of Hokkaido support todock and Sorachi!

Sunflower oil (Hokuryu Promotion Public Corporation) & rice crackers and buckwheat flakes (Himawari Agricultural Products)

ひまわり油 & 田からもちおかき
Sunflower oil & rice crackers
Buckwheat flakes (Himawari Agricultural Products)

Supporting Hokkaido's Food

Agricultural Cooperatives, Fishing Cooperatives & Popular Manufacturersscrumplanning
A large collection of delicious products from popular local manufacturers, mainly from agriculture, fishing cooperatives, and the third sector!

Supporting Hokkaido's Food: Agricultural Cooperatives, Fishing Cooperatives, and Popular Manufacturers Scrum Project

Kuro Sengoku Don (Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative)

Kuro Sengoku Don (Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative)

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interpoint (interword separation)Co-op Sapporo Home Delivery System "Todoc" introduction page is here >>

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