Ruchin" handmade buckwheat noodles using buckwheat flour produced in Hokuryu Town, Sapporo [Tabi Iro].

Friday, August 26, 2022

Ruchin Soba (Sapporo City), which uses buckwheat flour produced in Hokuryu Town, was featured in the "Gourmet Restaurants" section of the travel e-magazine Tabi-iro's website.

Blanzista Media (Tokyo, Japan), the publisher of Tabi-iro, is the only electronic magazine publisher in Japan that has been producing and publishing free e-magazines exclusively in electronic format since 2007.

<手打ち蕎麦 ルチン>北竜町産のそば粉と自家製カツオダシの旨味|札幌市中央区のおすすめグルメなら旅色

Home-made bonito broth and buckwheat flour from Hokuryu Town [Tabi-shiki].
Travel Web Magazine Tabi-iro

Tabi-shiki" discovers and transmits the charms of various regions of Japan and makes traveling fun and convenient. It provides information on exciting travel, itineraries, inns/hotels, meals, activities, and more...

Hokuryu Town Portal

Monday, November 8, 2021 During the Hokuryu Town Product Fair 2021 event, dishes using buckwheat flour and Kuro Sengoku soybeans produced in Hokuryu Town will be served....

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