In Case of Emergency "Clinic Dayori" No.286 Clinic Director Yukihiko Uramoto [PR Hokuryu June 2022 No.682].

Thursday, June 2, 2022

The column "In Case of Emergency" written by Yukihiko Uramoto, Director of the Hokuryu Clinic, appeared in the June 2022 issue (No.682) of "Hokuryu Public Relations (June 2022).

We would like to express our sincere and sincere thanks and appreciation to all the employees of the special nursing home in Hokuryu Town and everyone involved for their excellent and sincere support. We would like to introduce the full text of the column.

(The outbreak of the cluster at the special nursing home was announced on May 4, but the health observation period ended on May 31, and the outbreak has been terminated [cited in: Hokkaido Shimbun dated June 2, 2022])

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Clinic News
No.286 Clinic Director Yukihiko Uramoto

when it comes to the crunch

When push comes to shove, a person's true colors come out."
Everyone is kind and smiling to others when they are in a good mood. But when you are in a tight spot, it is up to you to decide how you will treat others.
This is written in the week after GW.

As you know, there have been cases of new corona infections in the town, mainly in special nursing homes. This is a so-called cluster case.

Although we are still in the process of responding to the outbreak, we were surprised at the strength of the infection, which continued to spread after the first patient was identified.

The staff at the facility responded quickly, and additional testing and infection control measures were immediately instituted and implemented.

This is very important, and it is extraordinary that we were able to deal with something for the first time without hesitation.

Unlike the general public, residents must continue to receive care and nursing care at this town facility, even if they are symptomatic, unless they become seriously ill. This is a heavy responsibility that has suddenly fallen on us.

However, our facility has been working that day to maintain an infection ward, isolate patients, and ensure that all staff members are aware of infection prevention measures.

Of course, this was also supported by the guidance of public health centers and advice from infectious disease specialists.
Thanks to the rapid response, two weeks have passed since the outbreak, and the number of patients per day has decreased significantly. However, we still cannot let our guard down.
But there is one thing that is worth mentioning in this context. These are the staff members who work hard to provide care, health monitoring, and support services.

These dedications in a situation where the caregivers and nurses were infected and absolutely outnumbered showed their true colors.

It is a highly contagious coronavirus. It is natural for everyone to be afraid of it.

The nurses, caregivers, and staff at the main town facility are professionals and are well aware of the horror of this situation. However, none of them complained and treated the residents with more affection than usual.

It is not the first word, but it is a question of being able to move your body instantly when the need arises. It is easy to think or say. However, it does not help the person in need.

What was even more surprising was that the staff's expressions were brighter than expected, even though they must have been exhausted from the hard work they had been doing day after day.
It may be because we are concentrating on "dedication. No one gives us credit, but it may be because all of us are doing our best with a pure heart, without profit or loss.

Over the past few years, I have seen and heard words of appreciation and praise for the courage of those involved and others who are making efforts to combat the new coronary disease.
At the time, I just thought, "Sure, that's true," but when faced with the reality of the situation, I saw all the staff members of this town facility fighting together, and I cannot help but admire their courage and express my gratitude to them.
Thank you, Honmachi facility staff.
I could see the true image of your shining light.

From Eirakuen, Hokuryu-cho

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