Hokuryu Town's Educational Administration Executive Policy for FY4, Nurturing Children's Love for Their Hometown, Sunflower Village Guide Experience, etc. [DOTSU-NET, Daily Educational Edition] (Japanese only)

Monday, May 16, 2022

The DOTSU-NET Daily Educational Edition (Hokkaido News Agency) has published the Hokuryu Town's FY4 Education Administration Executive Policy.

Hokuryu Town's FY4 Education Administration Executive Policy: Nurture children's love for their hometown, including guided tours of the Sunflower Village.
Kazushi Arima, Director of the Hokuryu Town Board of Education, stated in his administrative policy for education for the fourth fiscal year that he intends to foster love for his hometown through the management of the "Sunflowers of the World" in the Sunflower Village, from seeding to weeding and other activities, and through guiding sunflowers.

北竜町2年度教育行政執行方針 中学に特別支援教育支援員 小学校 英語教員を配置
Hokuryu Town FY2 Education Administration Executive Policy: Special Education Support Staff at Junior High Schools, English Teachers at Elementary Schools