Takamori Okada, Deputy Branch Manager, Kita Sorachi Shinkin Bank, Senosegyu Branch, on "Seka Shokudo" and other community revitalization initiatives at the Shinkin Bank

Friday, November 5, 2021

On Monday, October 4, the day after the online food products business meeting "Sekai to Nihon wo Tsunagu Foods Business Meeting with Shinkin" was held, we interviewed Mr. Takamori Okada, Deputy Manager of the Seojogyu Branch of Kita Sorachi Shinkin Bank, about the business development of Kita Sorachi Shinkin including this food products overseas business meeting (Sekashoku). We interviewed Mr. Takamori Okada, Deputy Branch Manager of the Kita Sorachi Shinkin Bank's Senosegushi Branch, on the day of the event.

Business meeting to develop overseas sales channels for food products "Sekai to Nihon wo Tsunagu Food Business Meeting with Shinkin

Takamori Okada, Deputy Manager, Senosegyu Branch, Kita Sorachi Shinkin Bank

北空知信用金庫妹背牛支店・岡田孝盛 副支店長のお話
Takamori Okada, Assistant Manager, Imosegyu Branch, Kita Sorachi Shinkin Bank

What is a Shinkin Bank?

The Shinkin Bank, in cooperation with Shinkin Central Bank, is developing its business with a primary focus on revitalizing the community by providing support for Corona-related benefits, introducing professional personnel, and acting as a real estate agent.

CECA Shokudo "Food Business Meeting Connecting the World and Japan

We are developing our business with the hope of helping to expand sales by increasing various sales channels as much as possible with the Corona Disaster. The "Seka Shokubai Business Meeting" was held as a part of this project.

The "Seka Shokubai Business Meetings" are held by Shinkin Central Bank, which introduces various buyers (domestic trading companies with overseas sales channels) to manufacturers (food product manufacturers with whom Shinkin Central Bank does business) and encourages them to participate in online-style business meetings.

This year's CECA Shokudo was an application from Shinkin Central Bank, which was mediated by Kita Sorachi Shinkin Bank, and the Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative Association (Hokuryu-cho, Hokkaido; Yukio Takada, President) responded to the application. The business is conducted almost once a year.

Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative's Participation in Seka Meal

The Kuro Sengoku Cooperative has a track record of sales in Taiwan, and they hope to make use of this experience to establish various connections. If the results of this business meeting go in the right direction, it may become the first Seka Shokubai business meeting project mediated by Kita Sorachi Shinkin Bank.

Product elements handled by Seka Shokudo

With regard to the products handled by Seka Shokuhin, "products that are unique to Japan, have a streak of tradition and production method, have the longest possible shelf life, are safe and secure, and have high original characteristics and product points" are required.

It is also necessary to determine whether the buyer's main export area is likely to accept the product and whether the product has a high potential for demand.

Proactive efforts by credit unions

I think it is the role of Shinkin Central Bank and Shinkin banks to continue to provide opportunities for business meetings in any form, including the line and real business meetings between buyers and manufacturers this time.

We would like to continue to actively reach out to our business partners as more and more information is received from Shinkin Central Bank, and to actively work on initiatives such as this one, human resource initiatives, and bridging the gap to address various issues.

Shinkin Central Bank, Shinkin banks' efforts to revitalize local communities

  • Food business meeting for Hong Kong, overseas sales channel business meeting for Japanese sake
  • Shinkin Food Expo 2021 (Online Business Fair) Food-related business meetings
    Hosted by Shinkin Community Net (2021/10/29~11/19)
    Online business meetings for food products between Shinkin banks' small- and medium-sized businesses and buyers (numerous buyers in a wide range of food product categories).
Shinkin Food Expo 2021
  • Support for hiring foreign human resources (specified skills) in nursing care businesses
    (1) Introducing successful applicants for the specified skills test in Indonesia, Nepal, and the Philippines.
    (2) Employment-related support, including guidance on registration procedures, employment management know-how, rules, housing arrangements, etc.
    (3) Establishment of an environment for settling in, including cross-cultural understanding training, support for acceptance planning, and regular communication before entry into the country.
Foreign Human Resources in Care Providers
  • Security-related support in partnership with ALSOK (ALSOK)
  • Lifesaving, emergency call system for the elderly, support for nursing care services
  • (Support for Problem Solving by Hokkaido Hitachi Systems, Ltd.
  • Support related to system design, development, construction, operation and maintenance
  • Elderly resettlement project (in partnership with Nexstep in Sapporo)
    Assistance in living alone (single person) Finding a livable house, clearing out, and selling the house, all the way through the process.
Various Community Support Programs
  • Vacant Houses 0 yen Project (0 yen Urban Development LLC)
    The project supports the creation of a sustainable society through the disposal of vacant houses that cannot be sold and the utilization of zero yen properties, etc.
Vacant house 0 yen project

We will work with the town office to respond to any problems and address various projects if there are people in need.

If you need any help, please contact the credit union. We are waiting for you with a variety of menus. We are proud to say that there is nothing we cannot solve. We would be grateful if you would feel free to contact us," said Mr. Okada, Deputy Manager.

We will actively work to revitalize the community and address environmental issues!
With endless love, gratitude and prayers for the credit union, which will respond to and support all local issues, including corporate food sales business meetings, livelihood support for the elderly, corporate human resource support, vacant houses, security-related support, and more.

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