Mayor of Hokuryu Town, Yutaka Sano Activity Report, Sunday, January 10 ◎5,000 days of "zero" traffic accident deaths: ‼️

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The 5,000th day of "zero" traffic deaths, which began on May 4, 2007, was achieved today, January 10, 2007, at midnight 🌻😀🌻.

This is a great joy for all the town's residents and a great accomplishment for the town ‼️ 🌻.
We are grateful for the deep understanding and cooperation of the town's residents regarding traffic safety🌻.
I would also like to thank the many people involved in the traffic safety campaign for their efforts.
My sincere thanks and appreciation 🌻😀🌻.

☆ Taking the opportunity of reaching 5,000 days, we will continue to make efforts for traffic safety and aim for "6,000 days" with all the townspeople 🌻😀🌻.

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