Sunflower Pork Genghis Khan" is now available at Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen! Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

New special pork jingisukan made with sunflower pork belly!

Sunflower Pork Genghis Khan

Sunflower Pork Genghis Khan

Sunflower oil cake as a resource

Sunflower pork is pork raised with oil meal after the oil from sunflower seeds is pressed as feed, which gives the meat a sweet fatty taste and a light flavor!

Meat lovers will be satisfied with 500g

Our secret sweet sauce was created through a trial and error process to suit the sunflower pork!

Less sauce and plenty of meat 500g (2-3 servings)! This is a delightful and filling Genghis Khan for meat lovers!

1,080 yen per bag (500g)

Simmer with plenty of vegetables!

Simmer with plenty of vegetables such as bean sprouts, pumpkin, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, green peppers, eggplant, zucchini, onions, etc., and serve with a little sweet sauce.

Sunflower Pork Genghis Khan Pot with plenty of vegetables

Now on sale at the store in Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen

Frozen products are available at the store in Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen!
1,080 yen per bag (500g)

Sold in Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen Shop

By all means! This consecutive holidays, why don't you and your family gather around the Genghis Khan pot and enjoy the fun and delicious Sunflower Pork Genghis Khan!

Sunflower Park Hokuryu Onsen

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