Mr. Kosuke Sato won the "Grand Prize" in his first year of independent cultivation of "Himawari Watermelon" at JA Kitasorachi 2023 Agricultural and Livestock Products Fair, Fruits and Vegetables Division.

Monday, June 24, 2024

We are pleased to announce that six members of the Hokuryu-cho Branch Office received awards in the May 2023 issue (No. 278) of JA Kitasorachi, published by the Kitasorachi Agricultural Cooperative Association (Fukagawa City), in the "JA Kitasorachi FY2023 Agricultural and Livestock Products Shogai Awardees.

Mr. Kosuke Sato of Himawari Suika, winner of the Grand Prize in the Fruits and Vegetables category, achieved the feat of winning the Grand Prize in his first year of independence.

Congratulations to all of you!

  • Uruchi-rice category (14.0 ha or more) [Excellence Award] Mr. Mitsuya Yamamoto
  • Uruchi-rice category (1.0 ha to less than 14.0 ha) [Grand Prize] Mr. Kazuyuki Kawamoto
  • Leap rice category (1.0 ha to less than 14.0 ha) [Excellence Award] Mr. Koichi Oshima
  • Fruits and Vegetables Division [Grand Prize] ❂ Mr. Kosuke Sato, Himawari Suika
  • Fruits and Vegetables [Excellence Award] ❂ Green beans, Ms. Yoshiko Nakanishi
  • Fruits and Vegetables Division [Excellence Award] ❂ Himawari Melon, Mr. Yasunori Watanabe


佐藤孝介さん「ひまわりすいか」栽培独立1年目で【最優秀賞】を受賞!JAきたそらち・令和5年産 農畜産物共励会・青果の部
Mr. Kosuke Sato won the "Grand Prize" in his first year of growing Sunflower Watermelon!

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