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Monday, September 7, 2020

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We were featured in the Hokkaido Shimbun local newspaper [Chu-Kita-Kuochi] News. We had not announced it here, but the couple was also recently featured on the Hokuryu Town portal site: ☺️ We are a forestry company that focuses on sustainable methods, using the bounty of the mountains while preserving nature. We moved to Hokuryu-cho in March of this year, and in April, my husband started his own business, "Shizen Shita" (Under Nature). After a period of preparation, we started mowing the mountain in June, and from July to the present, we have been preparing the mountain path and cutting down trees on the path. Our activities have just begun. We are now in the process of commercializing products while reviewing the value of various materials lying in the mountains one by one. First of all, we are preparing to start selling birch bark by the end of September. We will work hard together to meet everyone's expectations, and we look forward to working with you in the future. # Forestry# Small Forestry#TTokkaido# Hokkaido# Forestry# Forestry# Wood produced in Hokkaido# Firewood# Hodaki# Forestry in Hokkaido# Self-cut Forestry# Sustainable Living# Living with Nature# Satoyama Management1TP 5T rural life# forestry for living with nature# under nature

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