JA Kitasorachi Photo Contest ✨In Commemoration of 500 Instagram Followers ✨[JA Kitasorachi

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Theme: "Food and Agriculture in JA Kitasorachi" [Photographs Wanted

Scenery", "scenes of farm work", "scenes of eating specialty products", etc., taken in one city and three towns (Fukagawa City, Amaryu Town, Hokuryu Town, Horokanai Town) within the JA Kitasorachi area.

How to apply

1) Follow JA Kitasorachi's Instagram account (@ja_kitasorachi)
(2) Photographs of nature, scenery, eating local specialties, and farm work in the JA Kitasorachi area.
Post on Instagram with the hashtag "#JA Kitasorachi Photo Contest

Application period

Wednesday, May 1 through Sunday, June 30, 2024


  • JA JA Kitasorachi Gift worth 10,000 yen (1) JA Kitasorachi Association President's Prize
  • Executive Director's Prize: 1 JA Kitasorachi gift worth 7,500 yen
  • Excellence Award: 1 JA Kitasorachi gift worth 5,000 yen
  • Honorable Mention: 2 JA Kitasorachi Gifts worth 3,000 yen

JA Kitasorachi Gift...A set of melon, rice, Horokanai buckwheat noodles, etc. sold at "eciR," a direct sales shop for agricultural and livestock products (The contents may be subject to change. Please understand that the contents may be subject to change.)

Announcement of results】Late July

The winners will be notified by DM (direct message) on the Instagram account where the post was submitted. (*Please also open the DM)
If we do not receive a reply within one week after we contact you, the application will be considered invalid.
We will also make an announcement in our PR magazine and social networking sites at a later date.


Applications with private accounts will not be considered.
Photos entered in the photo contest must be taken in the JA Kitasorachi area (Fukagawa City, Amaryu Town, Hokuryu Town, and Horokanai Town).
Entries may be used for publicity purposes (PR magazine, SNS/YouTube, posters, etc.). (PR magazines, SNS/YouTube, posters, etc.)
If there is a person in the photo, please be sure to obtain the permission of the subject. If the subject is a minor, please be sure to obtain the permission of a parent or guardian before submitting your photo.
Please submit photos taken within 3 years of the date of the photo shoot.
Composite processed images will not be considered.
If you are submitting a landscape photo, please specify where it was taken in your submission.
Personal information will be used only for the purpose of announcing winners and sending prizes to winners, and will be handled appropriately in accordance with JAJA's personal information protection policy.
JAACC will not be responsible for any trouble or damage that may occur as a result of participation in this photo contest.