Video] "Sunflower Watermelon" Shipment Begins in Hokuryu Town: Small Yellow Flesh Watermelons [NHK NEWS WEB].

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

NHK's Internet site "Hokkaido News Web" featured an article titled "Shipments of Sunflower Watermelons Begin in Hokuryu Town, Small watermelons with yellow flesh (June 12, 2011). An interview with Toshinari Watanabe, head of the Himawari Watermelon Association, is also included in the article.


北竜町で「ひまわりすいか」出荷開始 黄色い果肉の小玉スイカ【NHK NEWS WEB】
Shipments of "Himawari Watermelons" begin in Hokuryu-cho, small watermelons with yellow flesh [NHK NEWS WEB].

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