Introducing the "rice-planting bento" at Restaurant Mukohi (Hokuryu-cho)!

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Rice planting has started in many parts of the town!
Rice planting lunch boxes, an essential part of this rice planting season, will be at their peak this week.

Rice-planting bento" at Restaurant Mukohi (Hokuryu Town)

This time, we introduce the rice-planting bento from Restaurant Mukohiwa!

For customers who look forward to their bento, the rice-planting bento is offered on a daily menu.

Two types of bento boxes are available: A (700 yen, tax included) and B (800 yen, tax included). If you order without rice (side dish only), you will receive a 50 yen discount.

Bento A (without rice)

corn gratin, sauteed salmon, nori omelet, hijiki and soybean stew, sauteed asparagus and shimeji mushroom, fried scallop, white fish and chikuwa, cabbage salad

Bento A (without rice)

Bento B (without rice)

corn gratin, sauteed salmon, nori omelet, hijiki and soybean stew, asparagus and chicken stew, fried vegetables (croquette, scallop, white fish, chikuwa), cabbage salad

Bento B (without rice)

Each dish is well seasoned and carefully prepared!
The lunch is full of volume, all delicious and filling, and very satisfying.

We would like to express our unlimited love, gratitude, and prayers for the delicious rice planting lunch box from "Restaurant Mukohi", a source of energy for the farmers who are working hard on rice planting.

With gratitude for the bento box lunches from Mukohi, a restaurant full of energy and power!

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