Thankfulness for Hokuryu is transmitted via the Internet; "A Second Life" Blossoms after Emigration to Hokkaido Following Dementia Diagnosis [Hokkaido Shimbun Evening Edition, Hitori Monogatari].

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Hokkaido Shimbun's June 8 (Mon.) evening edition (all Hokkaido edition) featured the article "Appreciation for Hokuryu: Communicating on the Net (Noboru & Ikuko Terauchi, Hokuryu-cho community support staff)" in its "People's Storytelling" section.

Hokkaido Shimbun Fukagawa Bureau reporter Tadashi Yano took the opportunity of the Terauchi couple's 10 years of immigration to cover the couple's appreciation for Hokuryu Town.

<ひと語りもの語り>北竜への感謝、ネットで発信 認知症で移住「第二の人生」咲く 寺内さん夫妻「ヒマワリの里」人気に火
<Mr. and Mrs. Terauchi's "second life" blooms as they emigrate due to dementia, sparking the popularity of the "Sunflower Village.
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