Toshinori Shirasa, a native of Hokuryu-cho, had his essay collection published on the website of the coterie magazine "Essay Shunju".

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

We are pleased to announce that a collection of essays by Toshinori Shirasa, a native of Hekisui, Hokuryu-cho, has been published on the website of the coterie magazine "Essay Shunju". Mr. Shirasa's pen name is Iina Hekisui.

According to Mr. Shirasa, "It will be a long way off, but I hope to eventually have a page with my major works, including fairy tales, children's literature, novels, Japanese place names, and works related to Hokkousei, Aio Kato, and others that mention the melons and sunflowers of Hokuryu Town.

Zuihitsu Shunju (随筆春秋) is a coterie magazine first published in 1993. It sponsors the Essay Shunju Award, a literary award open to the public. The prize is open to essays. The magazine is open to the public.Citation: Wikipedia]


Iina Hekisui's Room, coterie magazine "Essay Shunju
 飯名碧水 本人紹介・同人誌『随筆春秋』
Iina Hekisui, his introduction and his coterie magazine "Essay Shunju
Writing activities and the coterie magazine "Essay Shunju
Works (Part 1: Bubble Stories from Childhood), Doujinshi "Essay Shunju" (Essay Shunju)
Works (Part 2|Bubble Stories from a Fortunate Age)/Doujinshi "Essay Shunju

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January 11, 2023 (Wed) Mr. Toshinori Shirasa, a native of Hekisui, Hokuryu-cho, provided us with a children's story, "Hokuryu Melon: The Story of the Birth of the Dragon Bell...

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