Sunflowers in Hokuryu Town" (1) was broadcast on "AIR-G'FM Hokkaido 80.4" radio program "The World's Longing for Hokkaido Brand".

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The "Sunflowers of Hokuryu Town (1)" was introduced in the "The World's Longing for Hokkaido Brand" program on "AIR-G'FM Hokkaido 80.4" radio.

The World's Longing - Hokkaido Brand - [AIR-G'FM Hokkaido

This program is,

Guests will talk about the appeal and potential of Hokkaido and the Hokkaido brand, picking up on Hokkaido's world-class nature, towns, lifestyle, people, and regions!

This time, Yoshihiro Ichiba, Chief of the Industry Division of the Hokuryu Town Office, appeared as a guest. He talked about sunflowers, sunflowers in Hokuryu Town, and the Sunflower Festival.

北竜町のひまわり① - AIR-G' FM北海道 80.4【AIR-G】

北竜町のひまわり① - AIR-G' FM北海道 80.4【AIR-G】 Sunflowers in Hokuryu Town (1) - AIR-G' FM Hokkaido 80.4 [AIR-G

July 31 (Sun.) - Scheduled for distribution [Radiko

This broadcast was aired on Sunday, July 24, 18:30-18:55, and will be available on the Radiko website on Sunday, July 31, 18:30. Please listen to it.

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