(Notice) July 9 (Sat.) 08:30 - KITARYU Town stall: Sorachi Fair (Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza Sapporo Store)

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Sorachi Fair will be held from July 6 (Wed) to July 12 (Tue) at Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza Sapporo (JR Sapporo Station West Street North Exit). Shin Totsukawa Town, Amaryu Town, Hokuryu Town, Imosegyu Town, and Fukagawa City will hold the popular "rice scooping" event. Hours are 08:30-20:00.

Hokuryu-cho will be open on Saturday, July 9, and we would like to introduce our stall to you. We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you there.

Sorachi Fair 2022

  • Sponsored by:Sorachi Agricultural Products Branding Promotion Council
  • Sorachi Regional Development Association, Sorachi Prefectural Agricultural Cooperative Association, Sorachi General Promotion Bureau
  • Stalls (in order of opening date): 5 cities and 7 towns:Shin Totsukawa town, Minamihoro town, Uryu town, Iwamizawa city, Yubari city, Hokuryu town, Tsukigata town, Imoseguchi town, Sunagawa city, Urausu town, Fukagawa city, Takikawa city

Hokuryu Town Store

  • Day area:Saturday, July 9, 2022, 08:00 - 20:00
  • Main office:Sunflower Rice Production Association, Kuro Sengoku Business Cooperative, Hokuryu Town Promotion Corporation
  • Event:rice scooping
  • Sales:Sunflower rice, Kuro Sengoku soybeans, processed sunflower products


'TheSorachi de VieuxWe would like to post the flyer for the Sorachi Fair on the website of

Sorachi Fair 2022 [surface].
空知フェア 2022
Sorachi Fair 2022 [back side].

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