Patchwork Exhibition" of Mr. Ono and others in Hokuryu-cho is now being held at a coffee shop "Gardy" in Fukagawa. Tapestry with warmth [Kita Sorachi Shimbun].

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Exhibition of "Patchwork Friends" by Mr. Ono and others in Hokuryu Town [Hokusachi Shimbun].

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We will bring you the "now" of this vibrant and shining town with a population of 2,100 and an aging population rate of 40%. The town of Hokuryu, where families are as bright and harmonious as sunflowers...

Cafe & Lunch Gardy

地図:ガーディ2-55, Green Town, Nouchi-cho, Fukagawa City
Tel: 0164-24-2629
Business hours] 10:30 to irregular
Parking] Several parking spaces are available.
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