FY2021 [Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection] Hokuryu Town Disaster Prevention Radio: 35th Sunflower Festival: Cancellation of All Events and Closure of the Tourism Center

Friday, June 4, 2021

The following is a recording of the Mayor Sano's voice broadcast over the Hokuryu-cho disaster prevention radio (broadcast to all houses and speakers in Hokuryu-cho) at 19:00 on June 4 (Fri.), 2021.

Message from Mayor Yutaka Sano of Hokuryu Town

Requesting each citizen's cooperation in preventing infectious diseases

Currently, a state of emergency has been declared in Hokkaido until Sunday, June 20.

The number of infected people in Hokkaido has remained high, mutant strains are spreading, and many clusters have emerged in the Sorachi District as well.

Vaccinations are well underway in the town, but we ask once again for the cooperation of each and every citizen in preventing infectious diseases.

35th Himawari Festival, Cancellation of all events, Tourist Center closed

We have already finished planting the sunflowers, but we have decided to cancel all events of this year's Sunflower Festival and close the Tourism Center in order to avoid the risk of infection to tourists and other related people, placing the highest priority on human life.

We are very sorry for this decision, which is extremely distressing, and we ask for your understanding.

北竜町・佐野豊 町長からのメッセージ
Message from Mayor Yutaka Sano of Hokuryu Town

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