Hokuryu Soba, a specialty of Hokuryu Town, is on the lineup of "Hokkaido Ouen Todok" [Home Delivery Service - Todok].

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Consumer cooperative Co-op Sapporo (headquartered in Sapporo) offers a home delivery service called "Todoc.

Hokuryu Soba, a specialty product of Hokuryu Town, has been added to the "Hokkaido Ouen Todok, 2nd week of June 2021" catalog in the Todok series (quoted below from the Todok catalog).

Large collection of popular manufacturers

We have prepared a wide range of products, from standard products to new products, from manufacturers that are especially popular with Hokkaido Ouen Todok. We invite you to try and experience the reasons for their popularity, including their carefully selected ingredients, manufacturing methods, and flavors!

Hokkaido Ouen Todok, a large collection of popular manufacturers

Hokuryu Soba (Marunaka)

Hokuryu Soba" is made from buckwheat produced by the Hokuryu Town Himawari Soba Production Committee and "Kitawase" is a blackish-brown, flavorful buckwheat produced in Hokkaido. This dried noodle set is produced by Marunaka, a long-established buckwheat noodle maker established in 1933.

Hokuryu Soba (Marunaka)

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