First shipment of new rice produced in 2023: "Sunflower Rice", "Glutinous Rice", and "Sake Rice: Comet"!

Monday, September 11, 2023

On September 8 (Fri.), the first shipment of new Sunflower Rice (sake rice, glutinous rice, and Uruchi rice) produced in 2023 was held at JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu Branch Office (Branch Manager Kimitoshi Washio).

First shipment of new rice "Sunflower Rice" produced in 2023

Hokuryu Agricultural Cooperative Agricultural Products Collection and Shipping Facility

First shipment by Yasunori Watanabe and Mamoru Hiraba, Keiji Fujii, and Takashi Ishii

Three farmers, Yasunori Watanabe, Mamoru Hiraba (sake rice and comet), Keiji Fujii (glutinous rice), and Takashi Ishii (Uruchi rice), brought their new rice to the produce collection and shipping facility.

Commemorative photo (from left): Hirokuni Kitakiyo, Hokuryu District Representative Director, JA Kitasorachi; Takashi Ishii, Uruchi rice; Yutaka Sano, Mayor of Hokuryu Town; Yasunori Watanabe, sake rice; Keiji Fujii, glutinous rice; Kiyomasa Iwata, President of JA Kitasorachi; Naoto Matsuda, Ichimi District Representative Director.

Effects of high temperatures and drought

This year, the protein content tends to be slightly higher than in previous years due to high-temperature disorders and drought tendencies caused by the summer heat.

Container of new rice delivered to collection facility
New rice brought in

Rice Inspection

In the inspection room, the quality of shipped rice is inspected (percentage of grains in order, moisture content, protein chamber content, body split grain rate, green unripeness rate, etc.).

New Rice Quality Inspection

Talk by Hirokuni Kitakiyo, Hokuryu District Representative Director, JA Kitasorachi

JAきたそらち 北清裕邦 北竜地区代表理事
JA Kitasorachi Hirokuni Kitakiyo, Hokuryu District Representative Director

This year's rice is just starting to appear, but we are not seeing as much quality as last year because there are some milky grains and powdery grains, and low protein rice (protein content of 6.8% or less) is not showing up.
Yields were high, but some rice failed to gain weight due to drought tendencies caused by high temperature problems. There were also many rice plants that fell down due to strong winds. The harvest season was earlier than usual, and it has not been common for the harvest to begin before the Fall Festival," said Mr. Kitakiyo, District Representative Director.

Yasunori Watanabe (Sake Rice)

All of the "Comet" sake rice is grade A (70% or higher grain quality and 15% or lower moisture content). However, this year's conditions are not as good as in the past few years due to high temperatures, typhoons, and drought conditions," said Watanabe.

Mr. Yutaka Sano, Mayor of Hokuryu Town, Mr. Kiyomasa Iwata, President of JA Kitasorachi, and Mr. Naoto Matsuda, Representative Director of JA Kitasorachi Ichimi

佐野豊町長、代表理事組合長 岩田清正氏、一巳地区代表理事 松田直人氏
Mayor Yutaka Sano, Representative Director Kiyomasa Iwata, Representative Director Naoto Matsuda, Representative Director of Ichimi District

Iwata Association President's Rice Resin business card

JA Kitasorachi uses environmentally friendly "rice resin" for business cards.

Rice Resin is a plastic made from inedible rice using proprietary technology. By mixing up to 70% rice, this material can contribute to the reduction of petroleum-based plastic content.

The card has a slightly transparent, light brown color finish.

Iwata Association President's Rice Resin business card
Biomass Resin Holdings, Inc.

Ears of Japanese pampas grass, glistening white and silver, are fluffy and swaying in the wind.

Rice fields and Japanese pampas grass before rice harvesting behind JA Kitasorachi Hokuryu branch office

Rice harvesting in the Kosaku district

Rice harvesting in the Furusaku district started on Monday, September 4 (photo shows harvesting on September 7).

Rice harvesting in the Kosaku district

Masterful combine harvester skillfully harvesting even fallen rice

Master Craftsmanship in Combine Operation

Rice being harvested

Rice being harvested

Loading operations into containers

Loading operations into containers

Rice paddies after harvest

Rice paddies after harvest

Ears of rice brimming with vitality

Ears of rice brimming with vitality

We are grateful for the great blessings of Mother Nature, and we are also grateful for the new "Sunflower Rice" grown with love and vigor in the town of Hokuryu, with our prayers and endless love.

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